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Episode 82: Molly Ludlow Update

I’m so excited about this follow up episode with Molly Ludlow! Make sure to listen to my original conversation with Molly in episode 81 before you listen to this episode. Molly ran Professionally for Saucony for several years. She was a 2-time All-American at Indiana University, an American Record Holder in the 4X800 meters, a 2015 IAAF Beijing … more »

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 40: Alysia Montano

I’ll Have Another Episode 40: Alysia Montano Alysia Montano is an American Middle Distance Runner. She is a 6 time USA outdoor champion in 2007, 2010, 2011, 20143 & 2015. She holds an 800 meter personal record of 1:57:34 and she ran in the 2012 Olympics. She famously ran in the 2014 USA outdoor Championships while 8 … more »

Second Trimester Dreaming

Every time I’m through the first trimester I start dreaming of running fast again. I’m usually so tired and blobby feeling the first 14 weeks, and when I start feeling better, I start thinking about getting back in shape. It’s so far away and so close all at the same time. And for anyone wondering- … more »

Number 3!

Some of you might have seen on instagram that I posted we are expecting our third baby in October. Surprise, surprise- no wonder I haven’t been writing about my training right? I’m sure some people probably guessed it. 🙂 The first trimester was shitty and tiring per usual, but we’ve reached 17 weeks and I’m … more »

1 More DAY! Women’s Running Cover Contest.

You’ve got one more day to enter the Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest. Submissions are closed tomorrow September 28th Don’t be shy to nominate yourself! Nominate a friend who you know won’t submit but you know deserves it! It really takes 30 minutes to apply. Just know what you want to say and speak from … more »

39 weeks – Home Stretch

Alright, I’m 6 days out from my due date. I’m not feeling like this baby is going to come anytime early. I’m totally ok with that, because although I’m not sleeping well right now- I know it’s much better than what it will be once there is a second kid. I’m still running. I thought I … more »

38 Weeks Pregnant & Running

Alright, facing reality, I’m due in two weeks. Yes, I already know if I go on time, I’ll be cleared to run February 26th, if I’m 4 days late when my scheduled c-section is, I’ll be cleared on March 2nd. I had a c-section with Marshall because he was breech. Since I didn’t labor with … more »

Drumstick Dash

We participated in the Drumstick Dash once again this year- a tradition for our family- I think we’ve only missed once since we moved to Indy after college in 2006. It was pretty freaking cold, as it was last year- so I think for 2015 we are due for some warmer weather. Marshall was not thrilled with … more »

Slowing Down

It’s happening. Although I’ve slowed down a lot this entire pregnancy, I even started out the first 10 weeks not running at all due to plantar fasciitis and had to build back up. I was able to do that nicely and really started feeling good around week 15 or 16. My foot was better, my … more »

Back on My Feet Marathon Relay 2014!

I ran the Back on My Feet Marathon Relay on Saturday with friends from the Indy Women’s training program I coach. It was a bit cold and windy for the first weekend in October, but we brought plenty of warm clothes and blankets. The old Washington St. Bridge where everyone sets up their camp always … more »