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I Added Miles and I got Tough

I know, I know, enough about the damn Shamrock Marathon already. Sorry, bear with me on one last post on it. Hopefully one last post. I’ve thought a lot about the training that went into this race. Once I got toward the end of my plan, I knew, given I had a good day at … more »

Initial Afterthoughts of Shamrock

It’s been 9 days since the Shamrock marathon. I’m still really happy about it, but a part of me thinks perhaps I could have been tougher in the last 6 miles and broke 3:10. I’m not dissapointed. I can’t be dissapointed with the race I trained for and the race I put my heart into. … more »

Shamrock Marathon Recap

Glenn and I headed out to D.C. to visit my sister on Friday and then Saturday went to VA Beach for Sunday’s marathon. I was sad to leave Marshall, but it was so good to get out and not be responsible for another human being for 72 hours. Thank you times a million to both … more »

Telling the Doubt to GO AWAY.

I came home from work majorly grouchy on Tuesday. I know this is dumb, but it’s race nerves. It’s dumb because I’m not trying to win this marathon, my income doesn’t depend on my PR, it’s JUST A RUN. Why am I being such a head case. I started thinking about the list I made … more »

One Week Out.

I’ve worked hard.  I’ve pushed myself.  My body is prepared.  My mind is prepared.  That’s what the key workouts were for.  I’ve executed in workouts when I needed to execute, I’ve recovered when I’ve needed to recover.  These are all things I need to remember on race day. I’ve been really anxious about the race … more »

Taper Nation

It’s taper time. I had a baby in June and am now running faster than I’ve ever ran before (in my workouts at least, still need to test it out at a race!) I know I’m not the first person that’s happened to, I’ve heard it 1,000 times, you come back stronger after having a baby. … more »

So long recovery week, I had fun….

Recovery week is coming to an end.I’m getting ready to head out for an easy nine with some Back on My Feet peeps. The recovery week is beautiful. Although it’s funny, during this “down time” I had five, nine mile runs on the schedule. (I broke them up a little differently than originally scheduled, taking … more »

A Frozen Progression Run

I woke up on Friday feeling a cold coming on. I figured it was coming sooner than later, because Marshall had one and I’m always all up in his grill like eating his face everyday. Day 2 of a cold is much worse than day 1 and I started thinking about how hard my 20 on … more »

Beginning of a new training session.

We missed the Drumstick Dash this year. I was sad to break the tradition & was sad not to start off Thanksgiving with the BoMF crew, but with Marshall, it was decided to head out of town Wednesday and miss the run. Instead Glenn and I woke up in Crown Point and ran 10 miles. … more »

Just call me coach

Shamrock Marathon – Virginia Beach, VA March 16, 2013 This will be Lindsey’s return to racing. By the time this marathon gets here it will be nearly two years since she has had the opportunity to fully race a marathon. I am excited for her to get that opportunity again. Over the last couple of … more »