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Number 3!

Some of you might have seen on instagram that I posted we are expecting our third baby in October. Surprise, surprise- no wonder I haven’t been writing about my training right? I’m sure some people probably guessed it. ūüôā


The first trimester was shitty and tiring per usual, but we’ve reached 17 weeks and I’m starting to feel myself again for the most part. Thank God for the second trimester. Anytime I know someone who is pregnant for the first time I tell them the sweet spot is usually weeks 15-35. At least for me it has been.

The hardest part was that I made the decision to launch my podcast right before I found out I was pregnant. It was just a tough time to have the energy to get it done when I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe it was the best thing- it kept me from wallering too much. (though trust me, there was plenty of wallering.) I am grateful for a husband who has catered to my ridiculous cravings Рrandom milkshake run to Chick fil A anyone? And the need for extra rest- which is hard to come by when chasing after a 3.5 year old and 15 month old.

I’ve been running around 4 days a week for the most part throughout my pregnancy so far. Someone recently just asked me¬†on instagram¬†(Morganruns_ind)¬†how much I push myself in my first trimester and if I just stay at the same level I’m at. So, I thought I’d answer that here. The answer is I don’t really push myself when I’m pregnant– especially in the first trimester. My body screams, you are pregnant, you are tired and you don’t need to push. So I don’t.

We ran the¬†500 Festival Mini Marathon last weekend, and finished that race around 1:54- running the second half probably 2 minutes faster than the first. I had no plan other than kind of wanting to run under 2 hours but completely just listened to my body and did what felt right. Which meant running much slower at the start and feeling ok to finish a little faster.¬†It’s funny though because we ran the Hoosier Half Marathon on much more challenging course 4 weeks earlier (when I was 12 weeks pregnant and feeling much more tired in general) in a time of 1:51. I surprisingly felt much better that day and had fun on the Bloomington hills. You forget how much more fun running up and down hills can be when you’re so used to running in flat Indianapolis.


Hoosier Half – 12 Weeks Pregnant


500 Festival Mini Marathon- 16 Weeks Pregnant


Glenn has ran both half marathons with me and then usually does a bigger run the day after. Now that his iron is getting back up- and he’s starting to feel better, he has his eye on training for a fall marathon PR. Guess that means I’ll hope for a warm day at Monumental and I’ll be out there with not two but three little Heins. Who wants to babysit?

Thank you everyone for the well wishes with baby number three and thank you so much for everyone who is supporting the podcast– every download, subscriber and rate/review is helpful in my journey to make this thing a success! (Have you rated and reviewed yet? If not- I would be so appreciative if you would- I find it’s easier to do if you do it from the computer rather than your phone. Rate and Review HERE. Just click on the “ratings and reviews” tab and you should be able to click “write a review”.

We’ve hit over 10K downloads in just 5 weeks and have moved up on itunes by a lot in the new and noteworthy section and it’s all because of you guys listening and helping spread the word- so thank you, thank you!!

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