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Week 1 – Mohican 50

Back on the grind. Better start talking again. Since we last talked in November not much has happened….Thanksgiving, Tecumseh was snowed out, I ran, Christmas, ran some more, took some time off, went vegetarian, ran, etc. You get the idea. This past week marked the official start of my new training cycle for the Mohican 50 … more »

Chicago Marathon Training Cycle 3

Chicago Marathon – Cycle 3: Weeks 5 & 6 96 Miles 3 Quality workouts 1 race 13 runs This past cycle was a bit of mixed bag for me, it started out strong, got a little shaky in the middle and finished pretty well. In the weeks leading up to this cycle and during the … more »

Week Run Down

Hey Hey! Ok, this isn’t Glenn’s Eagle Creek race report- not nearly as exciting I’m sure, but a quick post on my little 14 miles yesterday. My mom agreed to watch Marshall on Saturday AM during Glenn’s race- so I really had not reason to not get my long run in. I didn’t really want … more »