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And then I cried some more- Recovering now!

I wrote about how I felt the night before surgery last Monday. I tried to be brave and as much as I was at times, I have definitely been scared too. We left Marshall in Bloomington with my mom and headed to the plastic surgeon first thing Monday morning to get marked. The thought of … more »

2012 Adventures in Pictures

January: OK, so this is a post of the year in pictures, and when I started typing the word January, I  realized I wasn’t even really sure January 2012 existed, because I honestly remember nothing from it and have no pictures. Then, I stumbled upon this gem: My best friends and I ringing in the … more »

6 Months & Crawling

Marshall turned 6 months yesterday. The day after Christmas. I know I’m always reminiscing about when he was first born, BUT I’m gonna go ahead and to continue to do that. (don’t think for a second I spelled reminiscing correctly without spell check… I can’t even believe spell check picked up what I was trying to spell)  During those … more »

Crown Point Weekend.

We headed to Crown Point on Friday for the Hein family Christmas. I’ve had two weeks to recover from Rehoboth. My training has been mostly 6-7 mile runs around 7:30-8:15 pace. On Monday it’s game time. I’ve got to pick up the intensity and be super dedicated to my training. Yesterday I ran 7 and my … more »