Work With Me

Surgical bra’s are sexy right?

Whoohooo! I’m halfway through week two of recovery and feeling so much better than even two days ago. There’s still a lot to do but the worst part is over. I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to have family to help us out. Not really sure what we’d do without them.I was … more »

And then I cried some more- Recovering now!

I wrote about how I felt the night before surgery last Monday. I tried to be brave and as much as I was at times, I have definitely been scared too. We left Marshall in Bloomington with my mom and headed to the plastic surgeon first thing Monday morning to get marked. The thought of … more »

Quick Stroller 10

Last week was all about slow, recovery miles. Recovery weeks make me tired. I know they are important but they can seriously mess with your confidence. I had 10 on the schedule today.¬†All of my runs this week are 10 except for the hellacious 20 on Saturday, and I’ll probably do some non-scheduled easy miles … more »

5 Miles Twice in One Week!

On Sunday I crossed the 9 month barrier – 36 weeks pregnant. I’m still running 4-5 days a week, about 2-5 miles. It’s usually one of two standard 3 mile loops. Last week the weather cooled off quite a bit- we were at 75 degree temperatures rather than 95. I was able to get in … more »