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Baby with the Wild Hair.

8 Months now.  Wearing clothes that are too small. #momfail Marshall is as busy and crazy as ever. I suspect he might be walking by 9 months. I don’t think he’s strong enough yet, but he’s doing a lot of one handed standing. He’s gonna have to strengthen that core some more to stand and … more »

Marshall 7 Month Update

He is ready to run guys. Picking out his favorite gel at BlueMile- he went for some random powerbar gel.  Doesn’t he know mom & dad use Hammer? Looking all hip and stuff in his homemade hat. (Thanks for the cute new vest from Grandma and Grandpa Hein) He is eating realish foods these days: … more »

Workout fail, kind of.

I had 16 miles on the schedule for today.  Halfway through the week Glenn emailed me with a marathon pace workout for the long run. It looked like this:  Alternate between marathon pace (MP) and normal long run pace (LRP) using a ladder format as follows: 1/2 mile MP/1/2 mile LRP 1 mile MP/1 mile … more »

2012 Adventures in Pictures

January: OK, so this is a post of the year in pictures, and when I started typing the word January, I  realized I wasn’t even really sure January 2012 existed, because I honestly remember nothing from it and have no pictures. Then, I stumbled upon this gem: My best friends and I ringing in the … more »

6 Months & Crawling

Marshall turned 6 months yesterday. The day after Christmas. I know I’m always reminiscing about when he was first born, BUT I’m gonna go ahead and to continue to do that. (don’t think for a second I spelled reminiscing correctly without spell check… I can’t even believe spell check picked up what I was trying to spell)  During those … more »

Well, I’ve been a mom for five months.

When Marshall was first born I think someone told me “It goes by so fast” about nine times a day. At that time, like most new moms, I was dealing with some major sleep deprivation and anxiety. I wanted to scream, guess what, it’s not going by fast for me right now and as much … more »

Marshman is 3 Months

Marshall turned three months on September 26th. He is changing so much everyday. This picture below is right after he rolled over for the first time, which happened this morning around 10am. Here are a few of Marshall’s favorite things:  Mornings Getting his clothes & diaper changed – BIG SMILES. Discovering hands and feet Trying … more »

Celebrating 4 Years.

We celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday. It kind of creeped up on us with everything else that’s been going on this summer. We weren’t going to do anything until next week, but decided to just head out for dinner to one of our favorite spots, Fire By the Monon. Before dinner we stopped by … more »

Marshall, Marathons and an Ironman

Marshall is 5 weeks old. The first two-three weeks of his life were really hard. Amazing, but hard. I was exhausted, sore from surgery, breastfeeding was painful and I was scared to death every time we set him down for bed. Slowly but surely, everything started getting easier. You can learn more about his entrance … more »