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Mohican 50 – Week 5

Hey it’s Sunday and I am on top of things this week. Working on my training log early. We are in Bloomington right now visiting Lindsey’s mom, Lori, who had knee surgery this week. Have you seen her knee? Look at my twitter if you want to see it. I won’t put it in your … more »

Overdid it yesterday.

I overdid it yesterday. My return to running has been pretty uneventful and very rewarding. Just enjoying it for what it is. For a a couple of weeks there I thought I might lose it. It wasn’t just about not running- it was about not exercising. I was grumpy & cooped up with a maniac … more »

Belle Conquers her first Half Marathon Tomorrow!

GUESS WHAT? Belle is running her FIRST half marathon tomorrow!  I remember my first half marathon very clearly- don’t we all?  I say this to make sure Belle soaks up every bit of the experience. One thing I know for sure is I wasn’t nearly as prepared as this woman is. She is ready to … more »

Carmel Marathon Training Partnership

We are so excited to be partnering with the Carmel Marathon for 2014!   Carmel Marathon Training: Race Date: Saturday, April 12th, 2014 We are excited to be partnering with the Carmel Marathon as the official training partners. We are offering discounted rates for both Individual Customized and Basic Training plans for athletes  participating in the race. We’ve participated … more »

What Now?

It’s been a little over 48 hours since Chicago. Sunday was supposed to be the culmination of months of dedication, miles, early mornings, long runs, sacrifice, etc, etc, etc resulting in a nice big fat PR. Sunday was anything but that. In my eyes, it was pretty much an utter failure. People will say… and its … more »

Ripple Effect Race Report

Historically the Ripple Effect has been held in Broad Ripple on Sunday Evening of Labor Day Weekend which means, at least for us, it is usually a no go.  This year, however, the race directors decided to change it to a Monday 8:30AM start and so having learned this fact on the Wednesday before I … more »

30 weekend.

Let me first start this by saying, I never used to be into birthdays. I always thought it was weird that people made a big deal about them. Then I married Glenn. And his family is ALL ABOUT birthdays. There is a special birthday tablecloth that is brought out for every birthday. Nobody misses calling … more »

My Strong Words Today.

Are you racing this weekend?  I am. I’m going to repeat the words below in my mind and have them written on my arm.  It’s not going to hurt until mile 6 or so. But there will be some doubts that start creeping in sooner. And then I’ll get through half way and I know … more »

Lindsey’s CRRG 5K Report

Ok, so I haven’t raced a 5K since the Big Ten Hoops Day 5k…. in 2009. That’s right 2009. It was when I was training for my second marathon and I had run 20 miles the day prior. Needless to say, the PR was outdated and just not even for real anymore. I’ve been so … more »

Chicago Marathon Training Cycle 3

Chicago Marathon – Cycle 3: Weeks 5 & 6 96 Miles 3 Quality workouts 1 race 13 runs This past cycle was a bit of mixed bag for me, it started out strong, got a little shaky in the middle and finished pretty well. In the weeks leading up to this cycle and during the … more »