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Our Year: 2013

So the hot thing to do on blogs is a year review or something like that. And I definitely can’t be left behind. This took some work to go back and look things up and I’m not really into doing a lot of work, so read and make me feel better about the time I … more »

What’s really annoying about Runners: #Runchat

So, I’m just now seeing the viral “OK, You’re a Runner, Get Over It“Article. And then of course had to skim the response article, which I didn’t think was all that great either to be honest. I’ve had my fair share of laughs from the hater crossfit articles and was hoping I’d get some good … more »

Monumental Marathon Weekend!

Oh man, what a weekend. I witnessed so many real life friends, social media friends turned real friends and social media friends I don’t know in real life (non twitter friends don’t get this) achieve goals they’ve worked hard for and there was nowhere I would have rather been than cheering for them. Thanks to … more »

Athlete Highlight: Chrissy Vasquez

Today, I want to share with you someone who is one of the most motivated, inspiring, giving people I know. I’m not just say that. This woman gives her time, her energy and her love… and she means well by it. She’s also one of the most real people I know- she won’t pretty something … more »

Indy Women’s Half Race Report – 2013

Race reports aren’t near as fun to write when you didn’t have a good race… I need to get it out though. Writing about it has helped me move along a little.  Ashley and her husband Brandon picked my up in the AM and we headed downtown.We warmed up close to a mile, wanted to … more »

Next Big Goal

My second big goal race of the year is over. It’s been a week. When training gets hectic and all you want is a break, you picture the finish line and keep working hard, knowing there is a break coming. Muncie 70.3. 2013 Goal # 2. Mission Accomplished. When you are racing, in that moment … more »

Fire Cracker 6 Race Report

Glenn went to our group speed work on Wednesday so I decided to sign up for the Fire Cracker 6 on Thursday and make that my speed work of the week. That would be a much more exciting way to get speed work in, compared to doing it all by my lonesome. I decided to … more »

First Triathlon TOMORROW!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing my very first triathlon. It’s a sprint triathlon and I’m more prepared than necessary since the half Ironman is just 4-5 weeks away.  Endurance wise, this is just another workout. I’ve never done all three disciplines at once though so that will be interesting. Swim: I’ve never done an open water … more »

Carmel Half Marathon Recap

Glenn put a half marathon training plan together for me that I started up two weeks after the Shamrock marathon. It was a lot running (for me) for a half marathon. I was back to running around 45 miles a week again right away.  I wasn’t really ready to start running 6 days a week … more »

Rock the Relay Recap

Last weekend I ran Rock the Relay, which was a benefit for Back on My Feet Indy. When we heard the race was going to happen, Glenn and I planned on running it as a two person team. We’ve ran on a relay together a couple of times, but not a two person relay which … more »