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Week 1 – Mohican 50

Back on the grind. Better start talking again. Since we last talked in November not much has happened….Thanksgiving, Tecumseh was snowed out, I ran, Christmas, ran some more, took some time off, went vegetarian, ran, etc. You get the idea. This past week marked the official start of my new training cycle for the Mohican 50 … more »

Returning to Training

Who wants to talk about training? I have been running again now for going seven weeks now and today marked the first time since my return that I hit double digits on a run. 10 miles. It was a muggy and humid 10 miles on the Monon with Marshall and the stroller. Lindsey had a … more »

Week 1 – Carmel Marathon and the week ahead

Week 1 is officially in the books. It finished yesterday with a rest day. I like taking my rest day on Sunday. It always feels right to take it then. The week was fairly uneventful. It felt good to finally “officially” start training again for a race. I had been running for the last month … more »

Pre-Season and Increasing Mileage

This weekend started what I am calling my “pre-season” to the Carmel Marathon training cycle. My actual training will begin on Dec. 31st. Following the IMM Half Marathon in early November I had decided to take some time off following a very active year. I was going to use the month of November to relax, take it … more »

Running gets me through

Early September I had my second miscarriage. I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant and wasn’t expecting to lose another baby.  I assumed it would take my body a while to regulate and decide it was time to be pregnant again, but apparently it didn’t need time. I was pregnant within a month of the miscarriage. … more »

My marathon with James

On Saturday, I ran the Monumental Marathon with James Boyd. What an experience. If you are a seasoned marathon runner, I highly recommend running a marathon with someone who has never gone the distance. It is truly a rewarding, fun and real experience. You know what it meant to finish your first marathon. You know … more »