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Slowing Down

It’s happening. Although I’ve slowed down a lot this entire pregnancy, I even started out the first 10 weeks not running at all due to plantar fasciitis and had to build back up. I was able to do that nicely and really started feeling good around week 15 or 16. My foot was better, my body was accustomed to carrying a human and all was feeling pretty darn solid. There is a reason that second trimester is the best. Almost no more nausea, not too huge yet and aside from the annoying headaches at that point, it’s really the best. Well, the third trimester has hit me and the feeling of being trapped is happening. I’ve gained around 12 lbs at this point, which I assume is around where I was last time…  but when I run, that 12 lbs feels like 50 lbs.

I remember this so clearly when I was pregnant with Marshall.

A 10 minute mile feels like an 8 minute mile. You get out of breath going up any incline. You see other women running by like they are the most graceful, light human being to ever walk the planet and you wonder… HOW will I ever feel like that again. I’m thankful I’ve been through this before. I know it comes back. But man it feels impossible right now.

Glenn and I ran a very slow 6 miles on Saturday and that was a feat in itself. At almost 11 minute miles, I had no desire to run any further and it took will power to make it that far. My original goal was at the very least 6, at the most 10- and I thought I’d land around 8. I have a thing with keeping a 10 mile base on my weekend long run, but that hasn’t happened in two weeks. Last week I hit 7. Ran the 7 too fast (too fast meaning average 9:30 mile pace) and there was no way I could have made it to 10. I was short on time and 7 was my goal from the start, but if making it to 10 was my goal- that would have meant at the fastest a 10:30 mile pace at this point.





We have 12 weeks to go. I don’t put pressure on myself for any big athletic or exercise goals when I’m pregnant, but I do stay determined to stay active and not sloth around. If it comes to the point where running isn’t happening or I just don’t wanna… walking will do, that’s fine. But I’m going to try to keep at it all the way through like I did with Marshall. I don’t know if my 10 mile long runs are behind me, we’ll see what next weekend brings. (Although I don’t my 10 miles will be a priority because I’ll be in super fan mode at Monumental)

I am enjoying my last bit of time with just Marshall. He kind of knows there is a baby coming, but obviously doesn’t realize how his world is about to be rocked.

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