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Post Surgery Update

Hi!! Just providing an update post surgery over here! Waiting Room, Pre Surgery I had been pretty calm going into this surgery, but I think anytime you’re being put under anesthsia you get a little nervous. Then I started filling out my paperwork and the receptionist asked me if I had a living will. I … more »

Overdid it yesterday.

I overdid it yesterday. My return to running has been pretty uneventful and very rewarding. Just enjoying it for what it is. For a a couple of weeks there I thought I might lose it. It wasn’t just about not running- it was about not exercising. I was grumpy & cooped up with a maniac … more »

Not your typical Tuesday.

No big deal, just heading to the hospital to have a prophylactic double mastectomy tomorrow. This is something I’m not shocked about. I’ve known the probability that I had the BRCA 2 gene Mutation was 50-50 ever since we found out my mom had it a few years ago. They say 50-50, but I knew in my … more »