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Boston 2014 Recap

When Boston registration opened last year I had decided I wasn’t going- then a couple days after registration opened, I gave in to the pressure of everyone else registering.  I felt like I’d be missing out on something incredibly special in the running community if I didn’t go. I decided if I would run, I’d … more »

Kassi’s First Marathon

For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to do a monthly inspiring highlight. There are so many people who inspire me and I want to share it with you.  For a few years, I’ve been following along one of my  high school classmates journey to a healthy lifestyle. She has come a LONG way, losing … more »

Just some blah, blah, blah

After my first run back on Friday, I decided to take Saturday off. I was indeed sore from my cute little 3.5 mile run. Abs & legs. On Sunday, we planned on a 5 mile run together as a family. Then Ashley texted and asked if we wanted to meet her and Brandon at Thr3ewisemen. … more »

Monumental Marathon: 2 Minute PR

I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday.  My time was 2:54:28. This was neither the time nor the race, I had envisioned for my fall marathon. If you follow our blog, you know that I had raced Chicago three weeks ago and it did not go well. It went pretty poorly if you ask me. … more »

Monumental Marathon- Let’s do this!

I’m going to run the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon…at least thats the plan right now :). If you read my thoughts a couple of weeks ago in the days following the Chicago Marathon, I had initially ruled out running the IMM…it was going to be too soon and I was fired up to chase that 2:45 … more »

What Now?

It’s been a little over 48 hours since Chicago. Sunday was supposed to be the culmination of months of dedication, miles, early mornings, long runs, sacrifice, etc, etc, etc resulting in a nice big fat PR. Sunday was anything but that. In my eyes, it was pretty much an utter failure. People will say… and its … more »

Carmel Half Marathon Recap

Glenn put a half marathon training plan together for me that I started up two weeks after the Shamrock marathon. It was a lot running (for me) for a half marathon. I was back to running around 45 miles a week again right away.  I wasn’t really ready to start running 6 days a week … more »

I Added Miles and I got Tough

I know, I know, enough about the damn Shamrock Marathon already. Sorry, bear with me on one last post on it. Hopefully one last post. I’ve thought a lot about the training that went into this race. Once I got toward the end of my plan, I knew, given I had a good day at … more »

Initial Afterthoughts of Shamrock

It’s been 9 days since the Shamrock marathon. I’m still really happy about it, but a part of me thinks perhaps I could have been tougher in the last 6 miles and broke 3:10. I’m not dissapointed. I can’t be dissapointed with the race I trained for and the race I put my heart into. … more »

Shamrock Marathon Recap

Glenn and I headed out to D.C. to visit my sister on Friday and then Saturday went to VA Beach for Sunday’s marathon. I was sad to leave Marshall, but it was so good to get out and not be responsible for another human being for 72 hours. Thank you times a million to both … more »