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How I conquer a hard run on tired legs: Experience

Good news- I think my hamstring is a little better, more importantly, it’s not any worse!  The past two weeks have consisted of running 3-4 days/week, biking 2-3 day/weeks and swimming 1 day/week. Melody came over and gave me my first real sports massage and it was awesome. I truly think it helped and we … more »

Some Speed

I hadn’t done an actual speed workout since August. After the Indy Women’s Half, which was not a good race for me, I was only left with 4 weeks before I had to hang things up for a couple of months, so I just had fun with unstructured care free running. Which I believe is … more »

50 Mile Week & Surgery Date Set!

I’m not gonna lie, when I ran 60 miles two weeks ago, it burned me out a bit and made my legs insanely tired. I had a bug though and was loving it at the time.  I followed up the next week with 45 miles. Including my longest run yet since my surgery. (18.2 Mi). … more »

Chicago Marathon Training Update – Weeks 9,10, & 11

I’m kind of behind training logs so here goes. I’ve been running a lot lately. I got some new shoes. 32 days to go. Week 9 70 Miles9 Runs3 Quality Workouts including 1 race After a couple of weeks of playing it safe with my hamstring I felt like I was ready to take it … more »

Ripple Effect Race Report

Historically the Ripple Effect has been held in Broad Ripple on Sunday Evening of Labor Day Weekend which means, at least for us, it is usually a no go.  This year, however, the race directors decided to change it to a Monday 8:30AM start and so having learned this fact on the Wednesday before I … more »

Chicago Marathon – Training Cycle #4 – Weeks 7 & 8

Chicago Marathon – Cycle #4 Weeks 7 & 8 113 Miles 14 Workouts 4 Quality Workouts 1 Race This cycle started coming off of the Eagle Creek Trail Half so I was a little tired coming into it. I ended up moving the workout I was supposed to do on Monday by a couple of days … more »

When 20 miles turned into 16.

My mind has been in a million different directions about pulling the trigger on a marathon in September. I’m not totally properly trained to PR for it, but thought if I hit this 20 miler I had today how I wanted, that it would be possible. Not your typical 12-18 week training session for a … more »

Chicago Race Prep – Cycle #2: Week 3 & 4

Week 3 63 Miles 6 Workouts 3 Quality Sessions Week 4 72 Miles 7 Workouts 2 Quality Sessions Total for Cycle #2 of 7 135 miles 13 Workouts 5 Quality Sessions Overall I am happy with where I am at in training thus far. The end of week 4 was kind of hectic but I … more »

Chicago Marathon – Week 2

Week 2 Done.7 runs69 miles2 Quality Sessions: Speed & Steady State Long Run Cycle #1 Done.14 runs125 miles5 Quality Sessions Well I’ve made it further into this Quality phase then I did with the Carmel Marathon in the spring….so that is a plus.  Also, that month off turned into three…but I’m back and getting ready … more »

Group Speed Sessions and today’s repeats

Lindsey had the idea a couple of months back to organize and offer group speed sessions as part of Coaching services and I have got to say that I love it. Not just from a coaching perspective but personally I love it. All speeds and runners are welcome. Its free and you get a great … more »