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Back on My Feet Marathon Relay 2014!

I ran the Back on My Feet Marathon Relay on Saturday with friends from the Indy Women’s training program I coach. It was a bit cold and windy for the first weekend in October, but we brought plenty of warm clothes and blankets. The old Washington St. Bridge where everyone sets up their camp always feels even windier than it really is.

Running this relay is fun to me because 1. I used to organize the race when I worked for Back on My Feet as the Communications Director and 2. I love to support Back on My Feet. I do not currently run with any of the teams. They meet at 5:45am Mon, Wed, Fri and right now in my life, I’m just not into waking up at that hour. So promoting, what they do and being involved in their events is something I always try to support and be a part of.

The relay is a full marathon and I ran on a team of 3– so we were each set to run 8.6 miles each— 4 laps at 2.2 Mi each. I have no clue what my splits were but I definitely ran faster than my normal pregnant pace… especially for the first two laps. Just because it felt good to work harder. I can totally feel the speedier paces in my lower calves this week. I ended up running Michelle’s last lap with her to bring me to 11 miles for the day. (which was really my plan all along because I have a thing with getting a 10ish mile pregnant long run in on the weekends if I’m feeling it) 10 is my go to number. This weekend I was 26 weeks, so we’ll see how long the 10 mile runs go to. It’s definitely a bigger distance than I was running when I was pregnant with Marshall.


Katie & I pre race! I like the faded Lucas Oil in the background.

I was also so excited and surprised to see my friend James at the race. He was one of the very first Members of Back on My Feet Indianapolis. He is just getting back into running after a little hiatus and busted out 4.4 Mi on Saturday. I haven’t seen him in over a year and I have a good handful of special memories with him from the early days of Back on My Feet. I ran his first marathon with him in 2011 (when I was unknowingly at the time 6 weeks pregnant with Marshall). It was so good to see him and know that he’s back at it.


James & I


Pregnant girl about to get her run on.


Finishing Michelle’s last lap with her.


Indy Women’s Half Marathon & 5K Representing!


Most of the Indy Women’s crew from Saturday- nice work ladies!!!


My team- Katie, me, Michelle

Nice work to Back on My Feet for putting on a successful race- I know our group had a lot of fun! I’m also so proud of the women’s training program ladies I coach- everyone did a great job and stuck it out in the cold. It’s kind of tough to start and stop, start and stop when you it’s chilly out!

I love a good relay- and the race got me excited for more in the future- 2 man team with Glenn for Red Eye Relay next July? Possibly in the cards. It’s fun to run these races non-competitively but you know I’ll always have a little competitive drive and think about it- last year I ran Rock the Relay as a two man team (same relay course & distance as BoMF relay) and it was an insane workout- and while it hurt, it was fun to be competitive out there. Nothing like 6 X 2.2 Mi repeats. Ouch.

Three more weeks and they’ll all be hitting the road for Indy Monumental!


Have you ever ran the Back on My Feet Relay?

Do you know about Back on My Feet? Check them out if not!!

What is your favorite kind of relay?

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