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1 More DAY! Women’s Running Cover Contest.

You’ve got one more day to enter the Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest.

  • Submissions are closed tomorrow September 28th
  • Don’t be shy to nominate yourself!
  • Nominate a friend who you know won’t submit but you know deserves it!
  • It really takes 30 minutes to apply. Just know what you want to say and speak from your heart.

Last year when I applied, I was nervous because I felt a little silly writing about myself like that. I knew what I wanted to say though and it just came out. Then, once I was selected for the top 9, I was nervous about recruiting votes. BUT Glenn encouraged me to just own it and go all in. People were super supportive and no one make me feel like I didn’t belong in that position. It was so cool to see my community of friends and family get behind me. (Indianapolis rocks by the way, our city was all about it! Several news stations and radio shows picked it up. Our “little” BIG city is really great and the running community specifically is like none other.

Here is the post I wrote about Last year’s cover. And even better- here is the article that Caitlyn wrote. Caitlyn was so fun to work with- for the actual interview, we simply sat down for a couple of hours and just talked about my story and what running has meant to me over the past 15 years, specifically that last year. My “Find your strong moment”. The rest of the Women’s Running crew was amazing to work with too- Jessie, Erin, Nicki- all so great and was so fun getting to know them.

Here are some pictures from the cover shoot last year:


I had no idea what I was doing. I was 13 weeks pregnant with my second baby, so naturally was super tired and felt blah, but this crew helped me feel confident and beautiful. And provided coffee and good music. (Big Lou liked the coffee guys. I don’t think the two of us would have survived an all day photo shoot without it. ) 

shoe box

photo shoot



 I’ve also been able to develop a great relationship with Saucony which started with the contest as they were the sponsor last year. I am now a coach for the Saucony 26 Strong project and have had a great experience with that. (It’s a different sponsor this year for the contest, but still sure to be a great experience, I assume!)


Thanks again to everyone who got behind me last year! Can’t wait to see who the top 9 will be this year!

SO this post is me encouraging YOU to just apply. WHY NOT? Stop what you’re doing and take 30 minutes to do it. Just speak from your heart and the words will come. 

Apply TODAY.

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