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Drumstick Dash

We participated in the Drumstick Dash once again this year- a tradition for our family- I think we’ve only missed once since we moved to Indy after college in 2006.

It was pretty freaking cold, as it was last year- so I think for 2015 we are due for some warmer weather. Marshall was not thrilled with the cold.

We were fortunate enough to be able to use the VIP tent before the race- which was heated & had lot’s of donuts. I was most happy with the heat and Marshall was most happy about the donuts. Big thanks to Steve Kerr for including us.



I got to start 5 minutes ahead of the group as a “celebrity runner” No I don’t think I’m a celebrity runner- but the whole Women’s Running Cover thing made that possible. The celebrity runners were mostly local news anchors and radio personalities. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces before the race- congrats to my friend Larra, who won the celebrity division- although I still don’t know what she actually ran because we weren’t chipped! I’m excited to train with Larra next year when I’m not running 11 minute miles.

Since I hit my third trimester, I’ve been consistently running 3-5 miles 4 days a week, around a 10:30-11:00/min mile. Well, I guess when you start a race, whether you’re pregnant or not- your 10:30 mile drops down to 8:45 or so. I knew I was running too fast for my 33 week pregnant self, but I was having fun.

Around mile 1.5, the race caught up to me and I of course stopped to take a picture of the lead pack, because that’s what I do. I cheered on some runners I knew and that was fun. Around mile 2 I saw Glenn- pushing Marshall running a 6 minute mile, NBD. His plan was to race with the stroller to get a little workout in, but for some reason I ended up taking over stroller duty- (still not sure why) and ran it it in for the lats 2.5 miles.

Well, wouldn’t you know- Marshall turns into a crying mess at this point and I end up pulled over on the side of the race for a minute looking for a donut, a paci, anything and I got nothing. I see Glenn with about a half mile to go and he had taken off with the freaking paci. I could have killed him. No really. Runners who passed us were super friendly and tried to help cheer Marshall up for the most part- but even looking at a 2 year old having a tantrum can sometimes make it worse. Oh boy. It was also fun to see plenty of friends (Nita, Lesley, Brian, etc.) pass by as we made our way to the finish line.

We finished in one piece, rode a train and and headed back to the car. I have no idea what I actually ran the race in time wise, since I’m pretty much anti watch right now. I only knew my first mile because I was running with someone who told me. And I only know my pace on other days when I run on the treadmill or when I run with Glenn, who is strava obsessed and wouldn’t miss logging any miles.

I think next year, I’ll race it ad Glenn can push the double stroller next to me as I race. 



This is Marshall wanting to ride on that darn train again, while also being cold and tired.


UP NEXT: Glenn is racing the Jackson 50/50 this weekend! It’s a 50K and 50 Mile race- and he’s doing the 50 miler. I’m excited because there are 5 loops, each 10 miles, so we get to see him quite a bit during the race. My Dad is loading up his RV and we will be cheering, while my mom watches Marshall for us in Btown.

The course is supposed to be fairly difficult- at least elevation wise, not sure how technical it is though. It will be interesting to see how he does compared to Mohican back in June. Definitely a little bit of different training as he’s just coming off Monumental. He ran 8:07 at Mohican, placing 6th and was really happy with the experience, time and place for his first 50 miler. It’s looking like things could shape up around the same for this race.

As for my race- I have 6 weeks to go with this baby.

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