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Do you have a Running BFF?

I met a new friend during the Carmel Half Marathon this year. Pre Fire Cracker 6 When I race, I almost always say something to other females who I pass or who pass me. (unless I’m dying in the last bit of a race and can’t find the energy!) I know they are working hard. … more »

Carmel Half Marathon Recap

Glenn put a half marathon training plan together for me that I started up two weeks after the Shamrock marathon. It was a lot running (for me) for a half marathon. I was back to running around 45 miles a week again right away.  I wasn’t really ready to start running 6 days a week … more »

Seriously… would you get it together already?

I’ve never been the most consistent blogger, but I was getting regular there for a while! Recently I haven’t been the runner I’m used to, which is probably why I haven’t been writing about it. Since the Red Eye Relay in July, I’ve been running consistently, but consistently low and slow mileage. Happy with a slow 5 miles.   There’s been … more »