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Getting itchy

I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I think it has been 3-4 months since I last posted. After putting so much time and energy into Piney Point, once it was over I was left with a sort of empty feeling when it came to running. I had no desire or push to focus on anything. … more »

Long awaited race review and random thoughts

3:10:59 For the last year that has been my quiet obsession. Any male marathoner under the age of 35 knows that time or any marathoner for that matter knows their time. To consider myself a Boston Qualified runner would probably be a false statement. My running career mainly began as a way to lose weight … more »

Lower Potomac River Marathon RR

We made it to Piney Point! At packet pick up, we were kind of thinking… what have we gotten ourselves into?  It was basically a table set up with three ladies who handed us our bibs and t-shirts and expressed no interest in us being there.  Hi, thanks for the bib, bye, was pretty much … more »

Road Trippin’ to the Lower Potomac

We are currently en route – road tripping it to Maryland to run the Lower Potomac River marathon on Sunday. Fortunately this marathon is close to D.C., so we will be making a pit stop to check out where Ericka works and go to dinner tonight.We headed out after work yesterday at 6:00pm, God decided … more »

Marathon weekend is here

Just like the title suggests the race weekend is here. We are leaving today after work to head east towards Washington D.C.  I am excited to see how the race goes. We trained well for an extended period of time but then kind of got thrown off a little when the incredible Back on My … more »