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Marshall 7 Month Update

He is ready to run guys. Picking out his favorite gel at BlueMile- he went for some random powerbar gel.  Doesn’t he know mom & dad use Hammer? Looking all hip and stuff in his homemade hat. (Thanks for the cute new vest from Grandma and Grandpa Hein) He is eating realish foods these days: … more »

6 Months & Crawling

Marshall turned 6 months yesterday. The day after Christmas. I know I’m always reminiscing about when he was first born, BUT I’m gonna go ahead and to continue to do that. (don’t think for a second I spelled reminiscing correctly without spell check… I can’t even believe spell check picked up what I was trying to spell)  During those … more »

Well, I’ve been a mom for five months.

When Marshall was first born I think someone told me “It goes by so fast” about nine times a day. At that time, like most new moms, I was dealing with some major sleep deprivation and anxiety. I wanted to scream, guess what, it’s not going by fast for me right now and as much … more »