Work With Me

Some Speed

I hadn’t done an actual speed workout since August. After the Indy Women’s Half, which was not a good race for me, I was only left with 4 weeks before I had to hang things up for a couple of months, so I just had fun with unstructured care free running. Which I believe is … more »

20 Miles Yo.

Yay! I’m super happy I knocked out 20 miles today. It’s definitely not necessary to already be doing a 20 mile run for a marathon that is on April 21st. But I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to get one in before my surgery that’s quickly approaching. (two weeks from yesterday) I’ll be … more »

Our Year: 2013

So the hot thing to do on blogs is a year review or something like that. And I definitely can’t be left behind. This took some work to go back and look things up and I’m not really into doing a lot of work, so read and make me feel better about the time I … more »

I signed up for Boston

I’ve been uninspired to write lately. My attitude has been bad and I’ve been grumpy. I made myself throw it all to the side and enjoy our vacation over the weekend but honestly I’ve been a little nasty. We went to Sonoma for a wedding and last minute decided to leave Marshall with my Grandma … more »

30 weekend.

Let me first start this by saying, I never used to be into birthdays. I always thought it was weird that people made a big deal about them. Then I married Glenn. And his family is ALL ABOUT birthdays. There is a special birthday tablecloth that is brought out for every birthday. Nobody misses calling … more »

My Strong Words Today.

Are you racing this weekend?  I am. I’m going to repeat the words below in my mind and have them written on my arm.  It’s not going to hurt until mile 6 or so. But there will be some doubts that start creeping in sooner. And then I’ll get through half way and I know … more »

Lindsey’s CRRG 5K Report

Ok, so I haven’t raced a 5K since the Big Ten Hoops Day 5k…. in 2009. That’s right 2009. It was when I was training for my second marathon and I had run 20 miles the day prior. Needless to say, the PR was outdated and just not even for real anymore. I’ve been so … more »

Pre Half Marathon Thoughts

I’m nervous about the half marathon. I wish I wasn’t, but the darn race is lingering in my mind day in and day out. I think it’s mostly because this is the first time since I’ve really learned how to race that I’m giving myself a fair shot at the half. So I’m not sure … more »

Week Run Down

Hey Hey! Ok, this isn’t Glenn’s Eagle Creek race report- not nearly as exciting I’m sure, but a quick post on my little 14 miles yesterday. My mom agreed to watch Marshall on Saturday AM during Glenn’s race- so I really had not reason to not get my long run in. I didn’t really want … more »

Do you have a Running BFF?

I met a new friend during the Carmel Half Marathon this year. Pre Fire Cracker 6 When I race, I almost always say something to other females who I pass or who pass me. (unless I’m dying in the last bit of a race and can’t find the energy!) I know they are working hard. … more »