Work With Me

All I wanted was to break 30 minutes!

Yesterday Glenn and I ran the Geist 5K. Back on My Feet had Members running both the half marathon and 5K. We all met before the race to circle up and head to the start line- and everyone was off. The guys running the half marathon were running their third half in four weeks. They … more »

7 More Weeks.

Last week I woke up at 7am everyday except Friday when I got up at 5am to go to BoMF. There was a time when I would consider that sleeping in, even for the weekend. As of late, this is when I get up and I need it. Growing a human is no joke. It … more »

Feeling Huge but still MOVING.

For the most part, my runs have surprisingly become easier in the past three weeks. Just when I think it’s going to turn into a run/walk every time or just a walk, (which it sometimes does) I end up finishing a run feeling much stronger than I imagined. My 5 mile Saturday runs turned into … more »