Work With Me

Our Year: 2013

So the hot thing to do on blogs is a year review or something like that. And I definitely can’t be left behind. This took some work to go back and look things up and I’m not really into doing a lot of work, so read and make me feel better about the time I … more »

The Big PR from the Coaches Perspective

I had a different view for this last marathon. It was not one of participant but one of coach and supporter. It was a view that I enjoyed too.All throughout her pregnancy with Marshall, Lindsey talked about how bad she wanted to race again and that she wanted me to put the plan together for her … more »

The last 20. Hungover & Tired.

I was nervous and anxious about this damn 20 miler for like two weeks. That’s the way I operate. It’s a tough workout and it was my last HUGE effort before tapertown. I’ve put a lot of really great workouts in and wanted to make sure I killed this last big run.  I had heavy miles … more »

Tempo on the Tread

The tempo run is a dreaded run. Treadmill or no treadmill. It’s hard. There are no breaks. It’s you and the miles. The same speed for however many miles you have in your plan. Today, my scheduled run was 10 miles, 6 at tempo for 7:08 pace. As I have gotten deeper into the training though, … more »

Workout fail, kind of.

I had 16 miles on the schedule for today.  Halfway through the week Glenn emailed me with a marathon pace workout for the long run. It looked like this:  Alternate between marathon pace (MP) and normal long run pace (LRP) using a ladder format as follows: 1/2 mile MP/1/2 mile LRP 1 mile MP/1 mile … more »