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Marshman’s First Birthday Party

Whoops, meant to post this a week ago. In typical Lindsey fashion, I pretty much waited until week of Marshall’s first birthday party to do any sort of planning.  He LOVES basketballs & any ball really- so I wanted a ball pic for his invites. I’ll prob leave this on the fridge for awhile because … more »

Marshall 11 Months

Our little boy is 11 months. He still has crazy hair. This is his morning hair. He has my dads hair.  What he’s up to: He is sort of walking little bits at a time. I’ve heard people say their kids just take off walking one day. Marshall has been doing 3-4 steps on his … more »

10 Months

In two months, Marshall will be one year. Say what? Woah. I would be happy to stop time right here and enjoy this age for a little longer. He is ridiculously fun and really just a happy boy. I also can’t wait to hear him say words. I practically melt and cry everytime my niece tells … more »

My Wild Child- 9 Months

9 months is the most fun age so far. The personality is awesome. The laughs, the constant babbling, the maneuvering around all over the place.  Favorites:  Remote Control (one of which is no where to be found) Toy Alligator  Cadence  Tunnel Water Bottles New Stuff:  Waving 2 more teeth- equaling 6 First weekend away from both Glenn … more »

Baby with the Wild Hair.

8 Months now.  Wearing clothes that are too small. #momfail Marshall is as busy and crazy as ever. I suspect he might be walking by 9 months. I don’t think he’s strong enough yet, but he’s doing a lot of one handed standing. He’s gonna have to strengthen that core some more to stand and … more »

Marshall 7 Month Update

He is ready to run guys. Picking out his favorite gel at BlueMile- he went for some random powerbar gel.  Doesn’t he know mom & dad use Hammer? Looking all hip and stuff in his homemade hat. (Thanks for the cute new vest from Grandma and Grandpa Hein) He is eating realish foods these days: … more »

Well, I’ve been a mom for five months.

When Marshall was first born I think someone told me “It goes by so fast” about nine times a day. At that time, like most new moms, I was dealing with some major sleep deprivation and anxiety. I wanted to scream, guess what, it’s not going by fast for me right now and as much … more »

Marshman is 3 Months

Marshall turned three months on September 26th. He is changing so much everyday. This picture below is right after he rolled over for the first time, which happened this morning around 10am. Here are a few of Marshall’s favorite things:  Mornings Getting his clothes & diaper changed – BIG SMILES. Discovering hands and feet Trying … more »

Me, a Working Woman and Mom?

Every morning when I go to Marshall’s crib and get to see his smiley face I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Even when it’s 2am and I’m up for a late night feeding, I am the luckiest. Look at Cadence in the background. I think she knows how much we love Marshall … more »