Work With Me

Beginning of a new training session.

We missed the Drumstick Dash this year. I was sad to break the tradition & was sad not to start off Thanksgiving with the BoMF crew, but with Marshall, it was decided to head out of town Wednesday and miss the run. Instead Glenn and I woke up in Crown Point and ran 10 miles. … more »

Month of May

It’s been a while since I last posted. I have decided it is hard work to keep up with a fairly consistent blog entry. So here goes a new one for ya! It seems like I have been up to a lot of racing and what not since last time. Like the Arcade Fire song, I’ll … more »

Lindsey’s Flying Pig Race Report

Flying Pig was a planned “Run for Fun” Marathon. Given that Glenn and I had both PRed in March at the Lower Potomac Marathon, we figured we deserved to that. When I was running Lower Potomac in March, one of the biggest motivators to keep up a good pace and finish with a PR was knowing … more »

Lower Potomac River Marathon RR

We made it to Piney Point! At packet pick up, we were kind of thinking… what have we gotten ourselves into?  It was basically a table set up with three ladies who handed us our bibs and t-shirts and expressed no interest in us being there.  Hi, thanks for the bib, bye, was pretty much … more »