Work With Me


938 miles is all that stands between me and a 2:45 marathon in the spring at the Carmel Marathon. Coming off of the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon last week I found myself with some extra time on my hands as I have entered a self imposed rest/recharge period that will take me through Thanksgiving and … more »

Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon Race Report

I have a habit of identifying my next goal while still in the process of working towards my current one. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. Maybe I do it out of training monotony boredom or something…but all I know is that I seem to do it consistently. I did it … more »

Ironman Over….Now What?

I am now three weeks removed from Ironman Wisconsin. It feels good to not have to get up at 5AM and hop on the trainer or head out the door for a run. I mean don’t get me wrong I am still doing stuff and already have a grand plan for my next race cycle … more »

Marshall, Marathons and an Ironman

Marshall is 5 weeks old. The first two-three weeks of his life were really hard. Amazing, but hard. I was exhausted, sore from surgery, breastfeeding was painful and I was scared to death every time we set him down for bed. Slowly but surely, everything started getting easier. You can learn more about his entrance … more »

2012 Racing

Mercedes Marathon – Birmingham, AL February 12, 2012 This was my big target through out the winter and I attacked it with everything that I had. Coming off a disappointing showing in Miami for the Half Ironman, I kind of threw myself right back into training mode after two weeks off. Some people say I … more »