Work With Me

20 Miles Yo.

Yay! I’m super happy I knocked out 20 miles today. It’s definitely not necessary to already be doing a 20 mile run for a marathon that is on April 21st. But I’ve had it in my head that I wanted to get one in before my surgery that’s quickly approaching. (two weeks from yesterday) I’ll be … more »

The last 20. Hungover & Tired.

I was nervous and anxious about this damn 20 miler for like two weeks. That’s the way I operate. It’s a tough workout and it was my last HUGE effort before tapertown. I’ve put a lot of really great workouts in and wanted to make sure I killed this last big run.  I had heavy miles … more »

A Frozen Progression Run

I woke up on Friday feeling a cold coming on. I figured it was coming sooner than later, because Marshall had one and I’m always all up in his grill like eating his face everyday. Day 2 of a cold is much worse than day 1 and I started thinking about how hard my 20 on … more »