Work With Me

Action packed weekend- Bikes, Runs, Family & Friends.

Last week was one of my hardest weeks yet for Ironman Muncie 70.3 training.  I finished the week with a 50 mile bike ride and 4 mile run on Saturday and then Sunday, 10 miles at steady state. Saturday: I rode 50 miles with Jake– someone I’d never really met in person, except one time … more »

Quick Stroller 10

Last week was all about slow, recovery miles. Recovery weeks make me tired. I know they are important but they can seriously mess with your confidence. I had 10 on the schedule today. All of my runs this week are 10 except for the hellacious 20 on Saturday, and I’ll probably do some non-scheduled easy miles … more »

16 Miles, Hoosiers… 50 degrees in January.

Yesterday we had 16 on the schedule. Glenn’s hamstring has been bothering him and he had a few too many IPA’s last night, so he decided to run with me. His long easy run pace range is 6:30-7:30, while mine is 7:30-8:30. My sister watched Marshall and we headed up to Carmel to run the … more »

Lindsey the Low Key Runner

Ever since the big PR’s in Piney Point, I have been quite the low key runner. I’ve made myself believe it is difficult to get “real” training runs in. While this is not entirely true…. really I just like to make excuses as most people do!  My the struggle has been between running with Back on My Feet three times a week and running … more »