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38 Weeks Pregnant & Running

Alright, facing reality, I’m due in two weeks. Yes, I already know if I go on time, I’ll be cleared to run February 26th, if I’m 4 days late when my scheduled c-section is, I’ll be cleared on March 2nd. I had a c-section with Marshall because he was breech. Since I didn’t labor with him or anything I’m a good candidate to have a regular birth, but with someone who has had a c-section they won’t induce me won’t let me go to far over due date, so we’re giving it 4 days overdue. We have had a heck of a week with Marshall being sick, having a temperature for 6 days. I think he’s training us up nicely for what newborn sleep deprivation is like. He’s been such a good sleeper since 5-6 months, that we’ve had two solid years of good sleep.

A couple of weeks ago Glenn sent me a general outline of my 2015 comeback- mileage wise. My plan for my return to running after this baby is to take things a little more gradually than I did after Marshall. 2.5 years later, I’m a little smarter (I hope) and a little older (I know) and the last thing I want to do is find myself with an injury. Glenn and I both hit 30 and realized how much more important it was at this point in our lives to be cautious of doing too much too soon.

I’ve maintained decent mileage throughout my pregnancy. Up until around week 30, I was running around 5 days a week and with 2 weeks until my due date, I’m down to 3-6 mile runs, 3-4 days a week. The majority of those runs being 3 miles. I think I’m probably running just a little more this time around than I did with Marshall, but not much.

I run mostly around a 10:00 minute mile pace. If I’m on the treadmill, I’ll start around 5.7 speed and slowly speed up to something around 6.2. I’f I’m feeling crazy, I’ll ramp it up to an 8 minute mile for a few minutes, but this is rare.

I ran the Donut 5K last two weekends ago just for fun. I was helping with registration and awards anyway, so figured I’d get my run in. This is a great race put on by Carmel Road racing Group and it tripled in size this year!! Of course I was running with no expectations, but since it was a race, pushed a little harder than my everyday runs. I crossed the finish line having no clue if the clock would say 24 minutes or 30 minutes haha. Turns out it was 25:02 and I felt very strong and happy with that 4 weeks out from my due date.


Then, just when I thought I gave up the 5 + mile runs, I busted out a 10K on my parents treadmill on Christmas Eve. I went into this run, (like every run) assuming I’d do 3 miles, but felt so great that I pushed through for a full hour. 37 weeks,  I’ll take it.


I will no doubt take the full recommended 6 weeks off post baby. I don’t understand why anyone does not follow this guideline. There is absolutely no reason to run sooner. Go for some big walks if you are ansy to workout. You just grew a human in your uterus, give it a rest.

With my comeback after Marshall, I ramped things up quickly. I somehow avoided injury, but I’m not sure why I thought I had to take on such big miles so soon. I ran a half marathon about 10 weeks postpartum, which after taking 6 weeks off- that was on only 3.5 weeks of training. And at four months postpartum, I ran a marathon. Then another one at five months and another at nine months. In all of this, I think the biggest feat and run I was most proud of was my first post baby 20 miler, which happened while pushing a stroller. Just look at that cute little guy I got to run with.



I most certainly won’t be jumping into all of this so soon this time. My big marathon goal will be in the fall, which will give me 10-11 months and then another in the spring. Based on my Shamrock PR, 9 months post Marshall, I think these goals are realistic. Maybe little PR in the fall, BIG PR in the spring of 2016. Races to be determined. I do have big goals in mind. Coming off my surgery in 2013 and then this pregnancy, I’m overdue for some big runs and times to chase down.

I do want to race plenty of shorter distances in my training leading up to marathon. I have some barriers to break in the half marathon that I haven’t given myself the proper opportunity to accomplish and for sure want to knock my 5K time down.

I’m not sure what training will really look like with two kids instead of one, but I’ll be ready to work hard. I miss the post workout endorphins that come from hard workouts. I’m going to remember though that you can’t jump in where you left off. I’m assuming I’ll be dedicated to quite a few early morning workouts at the gym for a while- at least until new baby is old enough to be initiated into Kids Club where they have to be 3 months. I have a feeling Marshall will be super cute and protective of his little brother or sister at Kids Club.

We’ve got 2ish weeks to go. I better start getting ready for this kid. What will it be? Girl or Boy? Do you have a guess? I think I’ll be more surprised if it’s a girl, only because I already have a boy and know the ropes with him. Who knows. I’m a little more sold on our boy name than girl name though.

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