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Achilles Flare up – Mohican Week 6

Training log is going to be a little different this week. I’ve never had an achilles issue before but I do now. I first noticed something on Thursday. The heel felt a little tight when I started my run but quickly went away. I continued on and did the workout no problem. Then later in … more »

Week 4 – Mohican 50 Training

Another week of running. Another training log blog. Recording this helps me process through how I am feeling, what worked, what didn’t, new things to try, etc. I figured out today that I have ran for 30 straight days. I kind of like it. My body feels good. The last two Mondays I have used … more »

Week 3 – Mohican 50

Hi. Another good week of training. The winter has been grinding on in Indy this year. It is one of the coldest and snowiest January’s on record. This has meant a lot of treadmill miles for me lately. It is hard to get in quality runs when it is just really shitty outside. I don’t … more »


Today I felt strong. I only ran for 30 minutes, but during those 30 minutes I thought a lot about the past year. I thought about the decisions I’ve made, the hard ones, the easy ones, the happy moments and the sad moments. I thought about what I want to do, all the things I … more »

Dear Ashley

You are so prepared for Sunday. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of the training you’ve put in. Philly is yours. When it gets hard, and no doubt it will at times. I want you to think about these things: You are more than capable of this. Trust your training. … more »

Chicago Marathon Training Log – Weeks 12 & 13

Let’s talk training! I have just entered my taper for the race so that means I just finished my last two big weeks of training. Here’s how it went. Week 1275 Miles8 Runs2 Quality WorkoutsComing off the Chicago Half Marathon disaster, I was ready to move on and get back to work. Monday: 7 recovery … more »

Chicago Half Marathon – A Tough Day

If you can’t tell by the post title I had a bad day. It sucked. I am trying my best to move on from it and chalk it up to bad race conditions and no taper but I can’t help to not question myself in the immediate aftermath. I know that this thinking is flawed … more »

Indy Women’s Half Training & HandleBar Indy

In the spring, I was considering racing the Geist half marathon. If you’ve been reading for a bit, you’ve heard me talk about it.  At that time, I would look at the schedule laid out for me and I just didn’t want to do it. I was burnt out, having ran three marathons in 7 months. … more »

Week Run Down

Hey Hey! Ok, this isn’t Glenn’s Eagle Creek race report- not nearly as exciting I’m sure, but a quick post on my little 14 miles yesterday. My mom agreed to watch Marshall on Saturday AM during Glenn’s race- so I really had not reason to not get my long run in. I didn’t really want … more »

Athlete Profile: Meet Jake!

You have to meet Jake.  Jake, our first Out for a Run Athlete. Jake, who is about to complete Muncie 70.3. The beer lover, Meghan lover, triathlon lover and ex football player, Jake.  Glenn started coaching Jake back in February. When he came to Glenn, he had an idea and intentions to race Muncie 70.3. He … more »