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39 weeks – Home Stretch

Alright, I’m 6 days out from my due date. I’m not feeling like this baby is going to come anytime early. I’m totally ok with that, because although I’m not sleeping well right now- I know it’s much better than what it will be once there is a second kid.

I’m still running. I thought I might have given up on it for the rest of the pregnancy… I went 7 days without when Marshall was sick -I wasn’t getting much sleep and I was just exhausted from taking care of my sicky boy. When your this far in, if you take 7 days off, who knows if you’ll be able to get going again!

I proved to myself that 7 days ain’t not thang, gave it a go Monday, Wednesday & Friday this week. Monday was a weird run/walk because I had a cramp I couldn’t get rid of. Wednesday however was a monster 5 miler. I for sure thought anything over 3 miles was out of the question. But pregnant or not- when you’re feeling good and getting into a rhythm on a run, you don’t want to stop. I took my time warming up but slowly sped up and polished off the last mile at 8:34 pace. It felt so refreshing to work hard.

Running while pregnant is strange. For awhile I really settled into that 10-11 minute mile pace, but the further into my third trimester I have gotten, I’ve been running closer to 9:30-10:00 pace- even with some sub 9 minute miles in there. Glenn said it probably feels better to run a little faster because my stride is more natural at that pace. I never really thought about that, but I think he’s right. I finished the week today with 3 miles around 10 minute pace. Felt good, but worked for each mile.


Due in 8 Days.

A little note on the above picture- my belly looks deceivingly smaller than it actually is. But really- I took this picture in the gym locker room- and was already nervous someone was going to walk in on me taking a weird selfie of my belly so I wasn’t about to re-take a bunch. Nothing like a grown woman taking selfies in a gym locker room.

So this baby will come no later than 10 days from now. I’m excited for the year to come. Excited to meet this kid and find out boy or girl.

As far as running goals go, Glenn and I both signed up for the Monumental Marathon for 2015. Already committing to one of our favorite races. We aren’t sure if we are both going to race or if maybe I race and he paces with me or who knows.

I really can’t decide if I want him to run with me or not. Sometimes I think it would be helpful, sometimes I like the idea of doing it without him. Either way, I’m excited that my friend Larra has decided to run as well and I’ll have a great training partner for some of my runs!

I’m definitely going to race at least one half before Monumental as well and plan to run the Monumental mile – this will be the second year for it. I joked to Larra that I have no clue how to race a mile- just run as fast as you can for 5-6 minutes and immediately puke upon crossing the finish line?  We’ll see, but it will be fun to try something different. Distance is my strength though, so it might not be so pretty.

We’ll keep you posted on baby news. Today, like everyday I asked Marshall if he was ready for the new baby and he told me I already had a baby. I also told him I wouldn’t be able to carry him everywhere (he wants to be carried CONSTANTLY right now), once the baby comes and he politely responded that he couldn’t walk. Oh boy, here we go.

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