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A Life without Limits

I finished Chrissie Wellington’s “A life without limits” and have walked away feeling inspired to be a better athlete, but more importantly a better person. Chrissie is an Ironman World Champion 4 times over and has never lost an Iron distance race in the 13 that she has completed. I read this book during several easy … more »

Athlete Highlight: Chrissy Vasquez

Today, I want to share with you someone who is one of the most motivated, inspiring, giving people I know. I’m not just say that. This woman gives her time, her energy and her love… and she means well by it. She’s also one of the most real people I know- she won’t pretty something … more »

Biking, Running, Mother’s Daying

This weekend I did my first real outside bike ride of IM 70.3 training. I’ve rode around a bit outside since the weather got nice, but not a real training ride. Those have all been inside. We went to Crown Point to visit Glenn’s family for Mother’s Day and his parents agreed to watch Marshall … more »

Half Marathons Scare Me

Part of me wishes I would have raced a half during my marathon training. I was in full on training mode, had good confidence going and 13.1 just didn’t seem like a very far distance. There weren’t any nearby that would have worked out timing wise though and I wasn’t willing to spend the time … more »

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report

Summary:  Swim: 1:14:02 Bike: 6:04:25 Run: 3:23:27 Total: 10:54:46 197th Overall/ 24th in M25-29 Goal:  Sub 11:00 In the year leading up to IMWI I had a lot of people telling to keep the internal pressure to a minimum and just get yourself to the finish line and that is a great accomplishment in itself…especially with Wisconsin being one … more »

Great Run for me- Cadence not so much.

We finally hired a new Program Director for BoMF Indy– huge sigh of relief here because Beth and I have been crazy slammed and working insane hours the past month. The new PD, Brian happens to have six ironmans under his belt and has a marathon PR of 3:05. He wants to run a 3:20 … more »