Work With Me

Week 3 – Mohican 50

Hi. Another good week of training. The winter has been grinding on in Indy this year. It is one of the coldest and snowiest January’s on record. This has meant a lot of treadmill miles for me lately. It is hard to get in quality runs when it is just really shitty outside. I don’t … more »

My road to the Chicago Marathon

This week started the quality phase of Chicago Marathon!!! I am kind of excited about it if you can’t tell. Since coming back from the hamstring injury that derailed my Spring marathon goals I have been focused on getting my body ready for these 16 weeks of training and one ‘A’ race: The Chicago Marathon … more »

Speedwork Week 3

Who: Whoever wants to join- all speeds are welcome. We warm up together and then everyone does their own pace. What: Speed work- let’s get fast people.When: Wednesday, June 26th, 5:30am (every Wednesday at 5:30am). Where: Broad Ripple (DUH), on the monon. Meeting in parking lot next to EINSTEIN’S. Why: To improve running performance while working on speed and stamina. This … more »

Wednesday Morning Speed Sessions

We are SOOO excited to share that we are starting to host weekly speed sessions! Glenn and I will both be there this week for the kick off- but will alternate which will be there every other week. (Marshall can’t stay at home by himself yet at the ripe age of one.) The details: Who: … more »