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Athlete Highlight: Chrissy Vasquez

Today, I want to share with you someone who is one of the most motivated, inspiring, giving people I know. I’m not just say that. This woman gives her time, her energy and her love… and she means well by it. She’s also one of the most real people I know- she won’t pretty something … more »

Jake’s 70.3 Race Report!

Remember Jake? We highlighted him the week of Muncie 70.3. He completed his goal- and we got to see him finish. I pretty much pestered him for the past week and a half to have him send over a race report… here it is: When Glenn agreed to start coaching me in February, the thought … more »

Athlete Profile: Meet Jake!

You have to meet Jake.  Jake, our first Out for a Run Athlete. Jake, who is about to complete Muncie 70.3. The beer lover, Meghan lover, triathlon lover and ex football player, Jake.  Glenn started coaching Jake back in February. When he came to Glenn, he had an idea and intentions to race Muncie 70.3. He … more »

Scratched the Tri

I had planned on doing Morse Creek triathlon yesterday. But, last minute on Friday, I decided not to do it. Muncie 70.3 is 2 weeks out and I know where I needed to be this weekend was on the bike. Had I already signed up and spent the $$, I would have done it, but … more »

Training Updates – Muncie 70.3

Well we had Marshall’s first birthday party on Saturday. Naturally when I saw a 60 bike ride on the schedule for Sunday, I wondered if that would actually happen. I mean I know it wasn’t my birthday or anything, but I had plenty of drinks to celebrate Marshall’s birthday. (I made a delicious concoction, that … more »

Triathlon Number 1 Recap WHooHOO!

I wanted to write this up sooner when it was still fresh, but other life things got in the way so here we are. I had a lot of fun at my very first triathlon. The two things I was most anxious about were the open water swim and the transitions – I really had … more »

First Triathlon TOMORROW!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing my very first triathlon. It’s a sprint triathlon and I’m more prepared than necessary since the half Ironman is just 4-5 weeks away.  Endurance wise, this is just another workout. I’ve never done all three disciplines at once though so that will be interesting. Swim: I’ve never done an open water … more »

Workouts and Races – Triathloning

Yesterday, I swam 2750 yards and ran 8 miles. This was the longest swim I’ve ever done by 500 yards, it was quite the accomplishment in my book. I felt really good and actually felt like I could just swim forever. I’m not sure how far I could have gone if I would have just kept … more »

70.3 Training… longest ride yet!

What I know for sure: (got that line from when I used to read O magazine- yep I used to have a subscription haha) 3 day weekends ROCK, even when you are a stay at home mom. The weekend is STILL the weekend.  Weekend Run Down: Saturday- 10 miles with Glenn downtown. Great run even though … more »

Action packed weekend- Bikes, Runs, Family & Friends.

Last week was one of my hardest weeks yet for Ironman Muncie 70.3 training.  I finished the week with a 50 mile bike ride and 4 mile run on Saturday and then Sunday, 10 miles at steady state. Saturday: I rode 50 miles with Jake– someone I’d never really met in person, except one time … more »