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Well, I’ve been a mom for five months.

When Marshall was first born I think someone told me “It goes by so fast” about nine times a day. At that time, like most new moms, I was dealing with some major sleep deprivation and anxiety. I wanted to scream, guess what, it’s not going by fast for me right now and as much as I am embracing my moments with him, I’m ready for him to be a little less fragile so I’m not scared to death that he won’t wake up every time I put him down to sleep. The fear of SIDS lingered in my mind day and night.

I had a few breakdowns to my sister and more than a few breakdowns to Glenn. I had myself so worked up about not being able to sleep that it became my constant obsession. For hours I would just lay there, so tired my mind was crazy and my body so completely physically exhausted. But there I would lay worrying about him and worrying that the second my mind shut off, I would get woken up and the cycle would continue.

I hated it when doctors would tell me to sleep when my baby sleeps. Hey lady, trust me, I’m trying but my brain won’t shut off. I am tired. I want to sleep when he does, but I won’t let myself. 

Anyway it was hard, but here we are, we made it to 5 months. We are almost 100% sleeping through the night. I’m scared to say we are completely there, the minute I say that, I’ll be up for an hour listening to him cry cry cry at 3am.

Thanksgiving in Crown Point with Glenn’s family
.Hey mom- my pants are too small, put me in some 6 months instead of 3, thanks. Love, Marshall

So, the video below is the best way to see what the little man is up to most of his waking hours. 

We’ll call the video: Marshall wants to CRAWL.

What he’s doing at 5 months- Trying to crawl, talking gibberish up a storm, was introduced to formula, we are now probably around 80% BM, 20% formula. He doesn’t seem to notice or mind the difference. As usual, he is always on the move, if he is awake, he is moving. If for some reason he feels like snuggling I stop anything I am doing and embrace the snuggle, because it doesn’t happen often.

He still likes hanging in the stroller for a good run with mom or dad. It’s pretty official he’s out of 3 month clothes- 6-9 here we come. The jeans he has on in the picture are the only jeans he had so that’s why I had him rocking high waters. I’m pretty sure both of our families think we underdress him… but seriously people, this kid likes to wear minimal clothing. I did make a trip to Once Upon a Child yesterday though and picked up some stuff. Wait till you see his cutie new snow suit. Hope he’ll actually need it.

Hey Blue Eyes.

And lastly, it’s embarrassing to even show this picture- but below is a picture of me when I was, oh I don’t know 5. I had cut my own hair and had a great sense of fashion. Rocking the half top at a young age. Regardless of all that good stuff- I really look like Marshall in this picture. Just call me the neighbor boy. Also, do you see the pink and purple pants laying on the bed, those are totally back in style.

Three weeks till Christmas and I feel obligated to send out a cute little Christmas Card starring Marshall, we’ll see what happens.

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