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Baby with the Wild Hair.

8 Months now. 
Wearing clothes that are too small. #momfail
Marshall is as busy and crazy as ever. I suspect he might be walking by 9 months. I don’t think he’s strong enough yet, but he’s doing a lot of one handed standing. He’s gonna have to strengthen that core some more to stand and walk on his own. 
He is no longer the youngest in the family, we got to meet new baby cousin Evan last weekend. Wish I had a picture of the two of them, will have to get one next time. Sorry Marshall, you don’t own the show anymore. 
What he’s up to at 8 months:
  • Becoming clingy to Mom and Dad- I used to be able to just head out the door when a babysitter came and he just carried on, now he grabs onto me for dear life when I try to leave. I’ve also been paged by the kids club at LA Fitness twice now to come get him. Oh boy.
  • Having crazy hair- I’ve mentioned this story to some, but the other day when I dropped him off at kids club at LA Fitness, a little girl looked him over and said “His hair is crazy… my hair is beautiful.” I laughed and laughed. And then I was secretly glad she wasn’t my kid because she wouldn’t stop talking. I’m not ready for that phase yet. 
  • Babbling a lot
  • Has four teeth
  • Sleeping through the night…all the way, we finally got away from the 5:30am feeding business. He definitely didn’t need it anymore. 7pm-7am. Amazing.
  • Food: Banana mixed with applesauce
  • Books: Happy Hippo, Angry Duck, Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • Toys: The Foam Roller & his Butler Basketball

Don’t have much else to say about 8 months, so here are a bunch of really cute pictures. 
Loves hanging out on the treadmill.
The one hand stand thing he’s up to lately.

Looks like it was easy to get him to sit in this chair for the 8 months pics… it wasn’t.
Two seconds and he’s coming at you to crawl right off. Way to much to get his hands on to sit still for a picture.

Sweet, innocent, adorable, stay like this forever baby boy.

If you made it this far in the post and want to see some cutie videos, see below:

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