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Marshman’s First Birthday Party

Whoops, meant to post this a week ago. In typical Lindsey fashion, I pretty much waited until week of Marshall’s first birthday party to do any sort of planning. 

He LOVES basketballs & any ball really- so I wanted a ball pic for his invites. I’ll prob leave this on the fridge for awhile because I love it.
Because I tend to be on the cheap side for certain things- I decided to make a birthday banner for him, instead of buying one of the ridiculously adorable ones from etsy. I also decided to make his birthday cake, instead of buy one from the bakery. More than saving a little money though, I was excited to put some lovin’ into the process. 
The only sad part about the birthday banner is– I never got a full picture of just how cute it was and it started raining right before the party started and we took it down. 🙁 I can use it again for years to come though. We had to move things inside at the start but then moved back outside and it actually felt much cooler out after the rain.
I put Glenn and my dad to work.
And here are all THREE cakes!

I used this recipe from Annie’s Eats for the cakes. What is so random about this is I found the recipe from another blog I found on pinerest and when I just went to site it back to the original blog- I realized I went to high school with this girl and she happens to be quite the popular food blogger. Kind of cool. Small world. The cakes were really good, but I’m not sure if it was the recipe or my baking- they were a little heavy- more like pound cake. I was hoping for something a little more fluffy, but still happy with the final product.

The cakes were yellow cake – one with chocolate and one with cream cheese frosting. Then Marshall’s smash cake had chocolate icing. He is wearing the shorts he wore that day today and there are a lot of chocolate stains on them still. I’m not so good with laundry really.

THANK YOU, Ashleytwitter friend and someone we are coaching for the NYC marathon for answering all of my last minute baking questions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve frantically DMed her on twitter.. not just about making cakes, but also about naps for Marshall haha. Wish we lived in the same city!

Oh and I got the cut little cake stands (the bottom two) from Marshall’s. I knew I could find some good finds there. While also of course picking up some agave and olive oil. So random, that store. 

And here are some more pictures from the day that I love:

I love how happy Peggy (my mother in law) is in this picture.
Our nieces, Giovanna & Sofia

And can we just talk abut how adorable that superman tie is? I ordered it from the Punky Rooster on Etsy

Thanks to all of our friends and family who came out to love on Marshall for his birthday. There is nothing that makes my happier than seeing my friends and family love my little boy. 
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