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Marshall 11 Months

Our little boy is 11 months. He still has crazy hair. This is his morning hair. He has my dads hair. 

What he’s up to:

  • He is sort of walking little bits at a time. I’ve heard people say their kids just take off walking one day. Marshall has been doing 3-4 steps on his own for a few weeks now and for a week or so has been doing 9-10 steps. He goes from sitting to standing on his own, but he’s taking his time. He was such an early crawler, I assumed he would be walking at a ridiculously early age, but it seems like he’s going to be full out walking in the 11th month.

  • He is babbling a lot. This kid is loud, when he is happy and entertaining himself, he is usually just talking up a storm. When he first started babbling, we heard a lot of dadada, but now (although mostly when he’s upset) we hear a lot of mmaaaaa. 

  • He’s got one more month of formula/bottle. I’m considering having him drink goats milk when he goes to milk. It is easier to digest and provides most of the same nutrients, I need to research more though before making a final decision. Other than that, he eats whatever we have. He isn’t picky at all… yet.
  • He has 6 teeth… 7 & 8 are on their way in.

We had a lot of fun with him out at Crown Hill Cemetery over Memorial Day weekend. My grandparents came up and we went to visit great grandparents and great great grandparents and a host of other family Members, some I’ve never heard of. Marshall really enjoyed crawling around the grave stones and playing with the flowers my Grandma brought.

Marshall, Glenn and Grandma Carol (My mom’s mom)


  • Basketball – we set up his little tykes hoop in his room- he LOVES it. He see’s Glenn and I shooting and he tries too, but throws it in baskets on the floor instead, because he is clearly too small to actually throw in the hoop.
  • Feeding Cadence – Not cool, as Cadence is a beggar anyway, but he thinks it’s hilarious. Maybe this is why Cadence is so patient with Marshall when he crawls all over her… she knows she’ll get scrapes from him.
  • Elephant – Missy & Mig (Glenn’s mom’s cousin) gave him this adorable stuffed elephant when he was born. We didn’t know what would end up being “the stuffed animal” or “the blanket” but I think it’s going to be the elephant. He sleeps with it every night and it is just so adorable when you lay him down for nap or bedtime, he snuggles right up next to it. We “creep” on him most nights at least 3-4 times and a lot of times he sleeps with his arm around it. 

We are having his 1st Birthday Party on June 22nd, a few days before his real birthday, which is June 26th. I ordered some super cute invites- but just got them in the mail yesterday! Way late… oh well. 

Hey guys, I’m 11 months:

Family pic after the BrewMile last night. 
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