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Marshall 7 Month Update

He is ready to run guys. Picking out his favorite gel at BlueMile- he went for some random powerbar gel. 

Doesn’t he know mom & dad use Hammer?

Looking all hip and stuff in his homemade hat. (Thanks for the cute new vest from Grandma and Grandpa Hein)

He is eating realish foods these days:

  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green Beans
  • Zucchini
I make all the baby food, except for the oatmeal. I mean I don’t know how much you can call boiling something and them pureeing it “making” it, but either way, that’s what I do. It’s cheaper and no additives or anything. I like to keep it as whole and natural as we can.

Still on some Breast Milk but mostly Formula. I’m holding on for dear life, don’t want to deal with weening off, just doesn’t sound comfortable for me.

Hanging out at the Back on My Feet Super Bowl Party- 27th Floor of the Regions Bank Tower, watch out world here he comes.

Nicknames & who calls him what:

  • Marshman– Everyone, no seriously… everyone. Even people who have never met him. This is by far the most popular
  • Marsh– Glenn & I and lot’s of others
  • Fire Marshall– Glenn & I (and probably Uncle Joey)
  • The Terminator– Glenn 
  • The Marshinator– Glenn & I
  • Marshmellow– Mostly me- but that started when he had the white brace for his hip, it’s pretty much over
  • Bub– Glenn & I- it’s embarrassing really, but we started doing it as a joke and now we can’t stop. I always have to remind Glenn to not say it out loud in front of people. 
  • Bubinski– Glenn
  • Buddy– Glenn, Giovann & I 
  • Marshy Moo- Giovanna & I
  • Major– Grandpa Greg (Old Pap)

Other things he’s up to:

  • Crawling faster than any baby I’ve ever known. (I’ve actually only really known a few though)
  • Pulls himself up on absolutely everything. Baths can be hard. And Dangerous.
  • He does the one handed hold on now and takes little steps.
  • Still loves a good stroller ride- although doesn’t get them too much in this weather. We got out and put some miles in though when it warmed up a few days. Cadence came along too… she’s gotten lazy in her older years… 9 miles just about did her in… I was literally dragging her the last 2 miles, while pushing the stroller into a mad headwind. Teamwork. 
  • Watching praise baby DVDs- we only have one, so he just watches the same one usually about once a day. It’s just a lot of worship songs with pictures of animals, babies,weird faces and stuff. 
  • Hanging in the exersaucer while I treadmill it. My goal is usually to knock out at least a decent warm up before he falls apart for nap time. The other day though, he lasted 10 miles. He was so tired he just fell asleep sitting up after 20 minutes, so I turned on Kathie Lee & Hoda, watched them, read my kindle (just put it on the 2nd to largest font… it works!) and stared at my adorable sleeping child for 8 more miles. It was awesome.
Intense praise baby watching. The creepy old guy chewing like a goat is probably on the screen.

Other Good Stuff:

  • Favorite new place: Crawling under the dining room table. Our dining room set has been passed down in my family for years- it was my Great Grandmas. A lot of little crawlers have spent time under this table. My mom said she remembers playing under it. That’s kind of special.
Just exploring
  • Favorite new thing to get into: Cabinets, trashcans – and if you open the fridge, he bee lines for it. 
  • Favorite things to play with: Tupperware and paper grocery bags
  • Favorite Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Favorite Book: Trucks 
  • Sleep: Bedtime- 7:00pm, and we are slowly cutting out the third nap… he’s kind of been a monster about getting him in his crib for naps these days. A lot of naps have been happening in mom, dad and babysitter arms. It’s peaceful, but makes it hard to be productive.

With his Best Friend Cadence. He is all over her. She doesn’t really mind and means well, but she’s a dog. We aren’t stupid, we are careful. 
Everyone says he looks like his mama. 

Look at those arches in his feet. Those are my feet. Sorry buddy.
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