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My Wild Child- 9 Months

9 months is the most fun age so far. The personality is awesome. The laughs, the constant babbling, the maneuvering around all over the place. 

  • Remote Control (one of which is no where to be found)
  • Toy Alligator 
  • Cadence 
  • Tunnel
  • Water Bottles

New Stuff: 

  • Waving
  • 2 more teeth- equaling 6
  • First weekend away from both Glenn and I at the same time. Grandparents on both sides took care of him. 
He takes 3-4 bottles a day and eats real person food when it’s around. On Easter he tried every food you could think of. Doctor would be off with my head trying all those new foods in one day. He survived. And he loved it. 
He’s sleeping 7:30pm-7:30am and naps twice a day, usually around 10am and again around 3pm. When he’s awake, he’s happy as long as he’s free to crawl around all over the place. 
We went to visit Glenn’s family for Easter. Spent a night in Crown Point, a night in Chicago and a day in Wheaton  Made the rounds. On of the highlights was visiting Uncle Joe at the firehouse. I might be a little excited about the adorable pictures we got at the firehouse. 

Trip to the Fire House

First Easter:

I am more in love with that face more than ever before. His only downfall in my book is that he doesn’t like to snuggle, ever. Maybe if we have another baby, I’ll get a snuggler. 

That’s all, we’ll check in at 10 months. Can’t believe we are approaching a year. 

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