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10 Months

In two months, Marshall will be one year. Say what? Woah.

I would be happy to stop time right here and enjoy this age for a little longer. He is ridiculously fun and really just a happy boy. I also can’t wait to hear him say words. I practically melt and cry everytime my niece tells me she loves me, I can’t imagine hearing Marshall say it. He babbles a ton and you can tell he’s trying to say something, but doesn’t have it figured out. The closest thing is dadada, but he doesn’t realize what he’s saying. Today he was also actually kind of singing his babbles- that was a first.

My biggest mom fail of this month was missing his 9 month doctor appointment. I rescheduled it at first so I could make it to something else, then I missed the day we rescheduled it for and I still haven’t rescheduled. I suppose I’ll get to it this week. I used to like taking him to the doctor at first. The check ups were fun to see his growth and everything. Now it seems like a hassle and a little excessive how much you go for check ups. I think we missed a round of shots though so I need to get in. 

Oh – he’s still not walking! I’m kind of shocked, thought he’d be running all over the place by now. He’s super fast with his crawling, like I want to enter him in a crawling race for real. I’m not sure he could be beat. But, when you try to have him walk to you while holding his hands, he collapses his knees and speeds over with a crawl. Apparently he doesn’t have time to learn how to walk, he can get places way faster if he crawls.

Marshall is such an easy kid still (I feel like I can’t call him a baby anymore, he’s more of a kid now). BUT the one thing that is difficult almost every time is changing his clothes. He doesn’t have time to sit still and let you change his clothes. pajama’s are a whole other ball game. It’s like he’s desperate to move as much as possible because he knows he’s about to go down for 12 hours. 
What he Loves:

  • Cadence, Cadence and Cadence
  • Food- pretty much anything we give him
  • Making noise, babbling
  • Going up and down the treadmill 500 times a day
  • Butler Basketball is still a BIG favorite
  • Walking with his zebra toy
  • Pap’s guitar
  • Stroller runs 
What he doesn’t Love:

  • Old fashioned Oats (he likes small quick oats though)
  • Putting clothes on
  • Really, that’s all
Watch out, I’m about to show you what’s up with this zebra.
His favorite thing to do, walk with the zebra. He can do it 100 times in a row and it’s just as exciting every single time. 
Me as a baby. It’s crazy how much we look alike. 
Sometimes climbing all over the treadmill isn’t enough, he wants to climb on the window too. There’s always some kind of dangerous mission he is on. 
We started swimming lessons a few weeks ago- he’s not thrilled over it, but does OK. Mostly likes to crawl around in the water after the lesson. He doesn’t realize it gets deep.
First time out on the bikes with him. He did well in here in his too small pants. Fell asleep just like he was in the car. This thing is GREAT. There is so much room to put all kinds of toys and stuff in in it. One big play room, while zipping around Broad Ripple with the other hipster kids. Just kidding our kid is no hipster kid, he was just dressed like one that day.
This was on my last big day at BoMF right when I got home. My Grandma watched him all day. (THANK YOU Grandma!) This is my new job full time job. We’re happy about it.
Special Dad Time. How cute are they.
The kid eats anything. I’ll give him broccoli and he’ll just chew on it for literally an hour. It’s gross. 
Look at all of those teeth. 
See you at 11 months.
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