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Marshman is 3 Months

Marshall turned three months on September 26th. He is changing so much everyday.
This picture below is right after he rolled over for the first time, which happened this morning around 10am.

Here are a few of Marshall’s favorite things: 
  • Mornings
  • Getting his clothes & diaper changed – BIG SMILES.
  • Discovering hands and feet
  • Trying to put feet in his mouth
  • Sucking hand/thumb
  • CONSTANT MOVEMENT – he is his father’s son, if he is awake he is moving (a little sad for me because I’m a big snuggler and I only get those when he eats or sleeps)
  • Bathtime – this is a Glenn and Marshall thing
  • Entertaining himself – in crib, on playmat, you name it – AMAZING.
  • His new noise machine & projector light (loves looking at the ceiling at the pictures)
  • Making all kinds of new noises and trying to talk
  • Music – Beatles, My Morning Jacket, you know the good stuff
  • Hanging out in the stroller while mom or dad get a run in (he’s done up to 17 miles… but most commonly he does 5 a few times a week)
Some of my attempts at 3 month pictures: 

While I can’t wait to run around with the little man and hear him talk and say I love you. I would be happy to freeze time and keep him just the way he is.

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