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Riding High

Sunday’s have turned into my new favorite day. I used to get anxious for the week ahead on Sundays. Maybe not always anxious, but just meh about going into the new week. Today as we were walking to our friends house for a little neighborhood party, Glenn could tell I was riding high on my Sunday … more »

Speed wasn’t there Today!

We’re back to the grind!  I hope you are all enjoying the first post Christmas/New Years Monday. Glenn’s been working a little bit these past two weeks, but not much at all, so this will be first full week of just me being home with the boys. As Glenn was heading out the door later … more »

Two Days in a Row & Week Update

I’ve transitioned into running two days in a row, followed by one-two days off running. I’ve somehow managed to workout every single day this week- which I haven’t done since I hurt my foot. Thursday it was literally 20 minutes of rowing and stair master but it was something. I set up at the Y and … more »

Tempo Mental Strength

I wasn’t sure if I’d do speed work Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I did my long run with marathon pace work on Friday, so Tuesday should have been plenty of time to recover. I wanted to check it off my list for the week, so I went ahead and did a tempo run yesterday. … more »

Starting to feel fit.

We celebrated Glenn’s 32nd Birthday this weekend. Marshall proving it difficult to get a picture with him time and time again. You might be fooled because I have a lot of pictures of this kid, but it’s hit or miss if he’s gonna let it happen. It has to be just the perfect scenario for … more »

5 Ways to Run Faster

Most of the time when someone signs up to work with us, they want to run faster. They have a goal in mind, they want a new PR or to break a new barrier on the clock. A common theme we run into is people being nervous about running the slower paces we prescribe on … more »

38 Weeks Pregnant & Running

Alright, facing reality, I’m due in two weeks. Yes, I already know if I go on time, I’ll be cleared to run February 26th, if I’m 4 days late when my scheduled c-section is, I’ll be cleared on March 2nd. I had a c-section with Marshall because he was breech. Since I didn’t labor with … more »

Indy Monumental Pre-race Thoughts

It is October 30th. The race is two days away. Here are some thoughts and my goals for Saturday. I finished last week with about 50 miles. It was on the low end of the plan for the week but I’m fine with it. I was still feeling pretty fatigued last week and tried to … more »

IMM Training & Hendricks Half Report

This past weekend we dipped under 50 days to go. I am starting to hit that point in trying where general fatigue and hunger rule the day…every day. My sleeping, heart rate and mood all are good so just keep on grinding. It can be very easy to slip into a cycle of over-reaching/training but … more »