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Episode 322: Nell Rojas on Racing the 10,000m at the Olympic Trials, 9th at the Olympic Marathon Trials, and more

Nell Rojas is competing in the 10,000m for the Olympic Trials tomorrow! Nell is a marathoner and she finished 9th at the Olympic Trials Marathon in 2020 and ran a 2:30:29 there. She won the Grandma’s Marathon in 2019 where she ran 2:28:06. She debuted the marathon at CIM in 2:31:23 while she was training for an Ironman!

Nell is the Bolder Boulder 10k Champion from 2019 after her dad won that race 40 years before. She grew up loving that race and always had the dream of winning that race! You’ll get to hear about that in this episode!

Most recently, she ran a 32:11 to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the 10k coming off of a year of a few injuries. She is feeling confident and ready to get out there to compete so I am excited to see what she does at the trials!

What we talked about:

6:00- Qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the 10k

6:55- The injury that she had after the Olympic Trials marathon race

9:15- Mindset going into the Olympic Trials marathon and recapping her race there

17:40- How she feels going into the Olympic Trials 10k

30:05- Change in training switching from the marathon to the track

33:00- Racing with fearlessness

34:55- Debuting at the marathon at CIM while training for an Ironman

36:05- Training for triathlon after college

37:10- Competing in obstacle course racing

44:00- Her first few marathons

44:50- Winning the Bolder Boulder 10k

50:35- Last workouts going into the Olympic Trials

54:05- End of podcast questions

Show notes:

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