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Riding High

Sunday’s have turned into my new favorite day. I used to get anxious for the week ahead on Sundays. Maybe not always anxious, but just meh about going into the new week. Today as we were walking to our friends house for a little neighborhood party, Glenn could tell I was riding high on my Sunday loving. I had a lazy morning with the boys, worked on some training plans, got an easy 7 mile run in, finished my book and went to a neighborhood party (OUTSIDE in this amazing weather). It was basically my definition of a perfect day. In fact the past three weeks have felt THIS good. I told Glenn to beware, because if I’ve had three solid good weeks, hormonally I’m due for a mental breakdown of sorts here in the next week or so.

I’m about 4.5 months post partum and as of the past week or so, I’m really starting to feel like myself again and it feels amazing. It’s almost like you forget how that feels when you’re pregnant for 9 months and then the months that follow.

My workouts have felt awesome this week- I’m adapting to more of a 9-10 day training cycle rather than the standard 7 days you often see. I know I’m fortunate that my schedule allows that. I mean I think most people could truly adjust to this even if they work 8-5 during the week- you’d just have to get that run in really early or being willing to run late night. Who said couldn’t do it. Though I don’t really dread my long runs like I used to (more so look forward to them these days… there’s so much freedom in running long and not taking care of children during that time).. there is something to be said for not being married to a weekend long run. I’ll cycle back around that there will be Saturday’s or Sunday’s that I run long, but I like not having that commitment every single weekend.

Here’s what the past week looked like:

Monday: 12 Mi (7 easy with 5 Mi Progression @ 7:40, 7:32, 7:33, 7:16, 7:12)

Tuesday: 5 Mi Easy + Basic Strength

Wednesday: 5 Mi Easy (evening run… I love easy evening runs)

Thursday: 1250 Swim

Friday: 7 Mi with 8 X 800- 6:27, 6:27, 6:27, 6:27, 6:22, 6:22, 6:18, 6:15, with quarter mile easy between warm/cool

Saturday: 45 Min yoga class + 1250 Swim

Sunday: 7 Mi Easy (8:30-9:00) & 6 X 20 sec strides

Total Mileage: 36 Mi

I’m meeting friends to run in the AM and not sure what the rest of this next week holds yet. I’m due for my second 5K time trial, which I’m sort of excited about. I know the last 1.5 miles will hurt, but it’s fun to push your limits. Last time I did the time trial I ran 21:29, just under 7 minute miles for the 5K. Glenn says I should go under 21:00 this time. We’ll see! I’ll likely run long on Tuesday and attempt the time trial on Friday. The problem is that Glenn is really busy at work this week and I like to use him to pace me and push me for the workout and he likely doesn’t have time for that this week. I might just treadmill it.

I recorded two great episodes last week- not sure which one I’m going to put out this week yet, but I’m excited either way! Are you all caught up? I listened back to my chat with Erin on Friday and really enjoyed it. I truly think it’s one of my favorite conversations to date. She is so open and honest about her experiences and we get real about her breast cancer diagnosis, fertility, family and so much more. And some simple advice from Erin- “Run the Mile you’re in” – not just in running, but relate that to whatever you’re going through. It will help.

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