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Speed wasn’t there Today!

We’re back to the grind!  I hope you are all enjoying the first post Christmas/New Years Monday. Glenn’s been working a little bit these past two weeks, but not much at all, so this will be first full week of just me being home with the boys.

As Glenn was heading out the door later than usual at 8:30 this morning, I stopped him- knowing that we were leaving in the next 5-10 minutes to get Marshall to pre-school and said “HEY, if you would leave 5 minutes later and just help me load these kids up in the car, that would really help my Monday morning and also help us get there on time.” I feel like that would have been the obvious thing to do, but sometimes you gotta shout it out. AMIRIGHT?

Also, I have a confession. I had a glass of wine last night. I’m still committed to the mostly no booze in January, but here’s the deal- I was feeling ansy- probably about it being Sunday night. The Sunday night blues that come even when there’s no reason for them. I wanted to relax and decided a glass of wine would do the trick and it did. Glenn was all shaking his head, but he’s still in the game- 4 days in!

I had a 60 minute run with a 20 minute fast finish scheduled for this weekend, but the legs were not feeling it, so I saved it for today.

I started the run off feeling pretty great. Like I was sure I would get real comfortable 30 minutes in and be ready to run hard for those last 20. NEGATIVE. I warmed up around a 9:00 mile for 10 minutes and slowly started speeding up until I reached an 8:00 minute mile 35 minutes into the run. Going into the run, I wasn’t sure what “fast finish” would be to me where I am right now. It’s a slow progress to get back to where I was. I was heavy breathing at that 8:00 minute mile. Grrrrrrr. With 20 minutes to go I sped up to a 7:30 mile (which felt like 6:45) and held on there for 10 minutes, took a 30 second breather and finished off 5 more minutes between 7:08-7:15, cooling down the last 5 minutes of the 60.

The run wasn’t super discouraging, it could of been, but I choose for it not to be. I mean I was a little annoyed that the effort felt so challenging. (I was huffing and puffing and grunting up a storm those last 5 minutes). I feel as though I’m in better shape than what I felt during the workout. I’m definitely a far way from where I was this summer and where I want to be, but this workout should serve as a good reminder that whether we are in peak shape or “just getting back at it” shape, there are days when things just feel off and the speed isn’t there. And that’s ok.


I’m gonna ride the bike for 60 minutes tomorrow and am trying a Barre class at Liverite fitness with some Athletic Annex ladies, so that should be fun. I do plan on being hella sore after the barre class!

Who’s a regular at Barre classes? They are kind of expensive and I have a hard to committing to that when there are so many great free classes sort of similar at the Y.

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