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Two Days in a Row & Week Update

I’ve transitioned into running two days in a row, followed by one-two days off running. I’ve somehow managed to workout every single day this week- which I haven’t done since I hurt my foot. Thursday it was literally 20 minutes of rowing and stair master but it was something. I set up at the Y and worked for a bit and had 40 minutes left of child watch to workout and shower, so I got a little baby workout in. Proving that theory that consistency is better than one big workout a couple times a week. Even 20 minutes makes you feel better than 0 minutes of exercise. So no time, is no excuse to at least do a little sumpin’ sumpin’. I am happily taking a rest day today though. 🙂

I’ve been really good keeping up with the ice bucket and having Glenn massage the scar tissue everyday.

I’m really into making the foot comfortable. Every morning I go straight to my trusty little ball and roll it out before hobbling down the stairs like an 85 year old woman. I think I’m destined to have the 85 year old woman morning hobble until I make it to 85.

I have recently been wearing these Zamst socks that give my arch a little support. It feels tight and secure right around the plantar fascia and I really like how it feels. It’s not like the sock is aiding in breaking up the scar tissue or making my foot stronger, but the snugness makes it feel all nice and packed in, if that makes sense…. which I like. This paired with my new orthotics that just came in will give that little foot all the loving.


I try to row 2-3 times a week and it’s just 10-15 minutes each, not a lot, but I’m dedicated to the cause. Since I get bored doing anything other than running for more than 20 minutes at a time, I usually pair the rowing with biking and or stair master. And DAMN, that stair master is a workout. Especially if you don’t hold on. I do warn though, if you aren’t paying attention to your stepping, not holding on could result in falling off the stair stepper and embarrassing yourself in front of every single person in the workout room. I like to read my kindle on the stair stepper, so that paired with not holding on at all may or may not have ended in me tripping and missing some steps. I survived the embarrassment and the fall.

Sock 2

Look at those silly rigid feet. At least they look cute in these loud socks though.

I’m finally feeling ready to get a training plan together now that I have a consistent run schedule going on. I also just put together the first two weeks of two new runners I’m coaching and it motivated me to get my own little schedule together.

My swim suit that I left behind at the Y has not shown up so I ended up buying a new one, which should arrive sometime this week. I will force myself in that pool twice a week! I’m confused as to where the suit I lost could be though- I mean they have a lost and found in the locker room and I just don’t see someone stealing a wet swimsuit hanging in the showers at the Jordan Y. Who knows.

In other news- have you seen Marshall’s new haircut? I am so obsessed, I can’t stop creepy staring at how cute it is. At least he is my kid, so it’s really not that creepy.

Marshall Hair

Between Marshall’s hip new cut and my magenta hair thing going on, we are definitely the coolest ones in the family. Glenn and Big Lou are going to have to step up their game somehow. 


This week I FINALLY took the boys to the John H. Boner Community Center to see the senior citizens. This is where I worked as my first job out of college. Since I left in 2011, I have visited a few times every year, but we hadn’t been in to see the seniors since Lou was born. They were thrilled to see the boys and I had a good time catching up with what everyone was up to.

We made cookies first:


Because anytime Marshall is misbehaving, I say “let’s make cookies” or anything I can think of to make in the kitchen, because that seems to be a good distraction for him. 

Seniors 2SENIORS Seniors3

If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably already read this but – this is Earl in the picture above and a funny story about Earl. In 2010, Glenn and I were going to run the Go! St. Louis Marathon. When Earl caught wind of it, he asked if he could hitch a ride down to St. Louis with us to visit family. I agreed and then asked Glenn if he cared. See what I did there? I’ll never forget dropping him off in East St. Louis and him telling us to get straight back to the highway and don’t get out of the car until we were out of East St. Louis and don’t come back to the neighborhood until we were ready to pick him up and head home. Best thing about this picture though has to be Earl’s Jesus hat. He also told me that he’d be willing to take Marshall for a couple of days and straighten him up if I wanted.

I need to be better about getting into the center to visit these friends- it’s good for them and it’s good for my boys. Marshall especially right now. Like training or anything else you want to make sure you do on the regular – I need to just add this to my calendar for once a month.

ONE MORE THING! I have a new nephew! An aunt times 7 now. I have to say, I don’t envy all the newborn things my sister and brother in-law are doing right now- especially because it’s their first baby and I remember how terrifying and exhausting those first few weeks at home with Marshall were. They’ll do great though and I keep telling her that everything gets easier after the first few weeks. 6 weeks seems to be the magic number for many. Marshall made this scared face the entire 5 minutes we held little Jacob.


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