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Starting to feel fit.

We celebrated Glenn’s 32nd Birthday this weekend. Marshall proving it difficult to get a picture with him time and time again. You might be fooled because I have a lot of pictures of this kid, but it’s hit or miss if he’s gonna let it happen. It has to be just the perfect scenario for him to agree to it and usually it’s a trick and he doesn’t realize there’s a camera. Professional trick picture taker right here.  The birthday picture with Glenn was a challenge.



This was earlier in the day in the morning. We were trying to get a Dad and his boys picture on his birthday: 




So we settled with a good Big Lou and Glenn pic: 




On to running- the past two weeks I have started to feel fit again. Louis will be 7 months this weekend. I don’t remember exactly when things starting clicking after Marshall but it was somewhere around this time. I ran a 3:29 marathon 6 months post partum with Marshall and I do feel like I’m in more like 3:22 pace right now. (If I had to take a wild guess what I could throw down if I were to race a marathon tomorrow)

I had my first long run with marathon goal pace running on Friday. I was anticipating feeling good and being able to hit the paces no problem after my workout earlier in the week. I did end up feeling strong through the pace miles. Don’t get me wrong- they were a big effort, I worked hard,  but I felt in control. For me right now goal pace is somewhere around 7:00-7:05. That is very much a pace were I have to pay close attention to not get lazy. It would be easy to naturally fall into 7:15-7:20. The leg turnover is something I have to think about and make sure I stay on top of.

The plan was to do 6 miles at marathon pace. I was going to get to 6-8 miles before picking it up, but got ansy at mile 4 and decided to get on with the workout. When we hit the 6th mile at pace, Glenn says “want to do one more?” I thought he might do that so I had made sure to have enough in me for another. I was done after the 7th though- ready to cool down and be done.

Picture below- with 1.5 miles to go of pace work in the long run. Glenn took the day off work for his birthday because… why not. So we took the boys to the Y so we could do the run together. It’s pretty nice to have your husband run your workouts with you- he won’t baby or pity me and makes me push. Which is a good thing 95% of the time. (It wasn’t good yesterday though when Marshall head butted me and I thought I broke my nose- I wanted to be babied and he wasn’t having it.)


Below are my logs for the past three weeks: The build in mileage seems high percentage wise per week, but the week of 7/20 was serving as a recovery week from the Red Eye Relay- I had been up around 50 the week before. Just getting back into the groove.

08/04/15- 08/09/15

Monday: 10 Mi Big Lou & Marsh Double Stroller @ 8:30

Tuesday: 6 Mi – Track – 2 Mi @ MP (7:05), 1 Mi @ HMP (6:45), 800 @ 10K (6:20), 400 @ 5K (6:10), 200 all out, 200 jog in

Wednesday: 5.2 Mi solo late night through the hood @ 8:07

Thursday: 7 Mi Treadmill Jamie Ivey Podcast @ 9:02

Friday: 15.1 Mi on Monon with Glenn- 7 Mi at MGP @ 7:41

Saturday: 5 Mi @ Monon with Glenn 8:45

Sunday: 5 Mi Treadmill with 4 X 4 incline for 2.5 minutes @ 9:00

Total Mi: 54.2

This picture below was after my 10 miles with the double with boys. The furthest and fastest I’ve ever run with the double. It was work, but I felt strong. I came in to finish at 7 miles and they were both passed out so I decided I’d just get to 10 and secure a longer nap.  When Marshall woke up he had an epic meltdown and ran around the yard and screamed for 20 minutes. It was fun.


07/27/15- 08/02/15

Monday: 7.4 Mi @ 8:03

Tuesday: 6.4 Mi Big Lou Single Stroller @ 9:19

Wednesday: 7 Mi with 8 X 800 (3:02, 3:01, 3:06, 3:03, 3:07, 3:00, 3:08, 3:04), 300 active recovery

Thursday: 4 Mi both Boys double Stroller @ 9:59

Friday: 5 Mi Marshal Single Stroller @ 9:20

Saturday: 18.1 Mi @ 8:08 with Glenn and the boys- he pushed the double.

Sunday: Rest

Total Mi: 48 Mi




Monday: Rest. The Red Eye Recovery Struggle.

Tuesday: 7 Mi Big Lou Single Stroller @ 8:44

Wednesday: 6 Mi – 2 X 1 Mi, 1 X 800, 1 X 600, 1 X 400, 1 X 200, 1 X 100 – just feeling the legs out post red eye- not sure about my splits

Thursday: 1,000 yard swim

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 16.2 Mi with Glenn in Crown Point @ 8:39

Sunday: 5 Mi with Amy @ 9:07 + around 500 lake swim

Total Mi: 34 Mi


I’m also really into listening to podcasts on the treadmill and even stroller runs these days. On my stroller 10 I listened to a podcast with the boys- I just laid the phone on the stroller and listened. It put them to sleep but they would have slept either way. Makes the run more fun for sure. If anyone has an amazing suggestions- send my way.

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