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2012 Adventures in Pictures


OK, so this is a post of the year in pictures, and when I started typing the word January, I  realized I wasn’t even really sure January 2012 existed, because I honestly remember nothing from it and have no pictures. Then, I stumbled upon this gem: My best friends and I ringing in the New Year… see you later 2011.

A low key New Years Eve


There’s Glenn finishing his first sub 3 Marathon. 

6 months pregnant, still running 3-7 miles regularly 


Glenn on the homestretch on Boylston Street at the Boston Marathon

Glenn after his first Boston Marathon


Baby Shower for Marshall.
 Everyone plays flippy cup at baby showers right?
36 weeks pregnant

Let’s be honest, this was the year of Marshall. 

I stayed very active through my pregnancy, running up until the day before he was born. I also went to a bachelorette party three days before he was born, danced on a boat and had a great time going out with my best friends. Call me maybe? Here’s the Music video.


Leaving for the hospital. Marshall arrived 3 hours later.

Day 2 of Marshall’s life. 
The first 6 weeks of Marshall’s life were quite possibly the hardest of mine. I know any new mom can relate.  While I was completely in love with this baby, I was a nervous wreck, couldn’t sleep and was battling some intense anxiety. I seriously didn’t think I’d ever sleep again. The best thing anyone could tell me was it gets better. So I kept my sites on hitting that 6 week mark, and what do you know… it got better.

Ironman training in full swing!
Sleep deprivation also in full swing
Meghan and Josh’s wedding! It’s normal to be in a wedding three weeks after giving birth right?


Celebrating 4 Year Anniversary and Marshall is 7 weeks.
Marshall’s second wedding at 8 weeks
Emily and Andy’s wedding

Glenn with his biggest fans. 5AM heading out on the buses to complete 140.6.
The Ironman. Time: 10:54:46

The 2nd Annual Back on My Feet 42K Relay. I went back to work at the end of September and project number one was the relay.


This pictures are sub par because I stole them from the race picture website. For some reason, we forgot to take even one picture on race morning. Afterwards, I was so cold and felt terrible… pictures were certainly not on my mind.


Rehoboth Beach Marathon. 1st negative split, 2nd fastest marathon.

First time running same marathon as sister.
Marshall’s turns 6 months- first Christmas together.


Lindsey Favorite Race: Rehoboth Beach Marathon

Glenn Favorite Race: Ironman Wisconsin

Favorite Life Moment: New Life -June, 26, 2012, 10:26am

Happy New Year Everyone!

What was your favorite race or experience in 2012?
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