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Marshall, Marathons and an Ironman

Marshall is 5 weeks old. The first two-three weeks of his life were really hard. Amazing, but hard. I was exhausted, sore from surgery, breastfeeding was painful and I was scared to death every time we set him down for bed. Slowly but surely, everything started getting easier. You can learn more about his entrance into the world on his new pages tab.

Marshall at 5 weeks
Just sitting at the table like an adult.

I feel like I spend 24 hours a day just staring at this little human being, and although I get frustrated for 2 seconds when he wakes me up at 3am every night, as soon as I pick him up and see this healthy, thriving baby, my heart melts and there is nothing more peaceful and perfect in the world. I just still can’t fathom that he literally came from nothing and then grew into a little human inside of me. It is the craziest thing. Ever.

My RUNNING plan: I should be cleared to run next Wednesday and I can’t wait. My mom and sisters and I are all planning on running the Indy Women’s Half Marathon on September 1st, will be a quick turnaround…. 24 days of “training”, but I don’t really care. I want to just run it for fun, but also don’t planning on being a turtle. As I write this, I don’t really know how I will feel, but I am hopeful I can at least run faster than the pregnant pace I had been running the past nine months.

Beyond the Women’s half, I want to sign up for the Monumental– I’m not going to commit until I run the half and see how I feel. I’ve ran marathons untrained before, and am OK with running it semi-trained, but don’t want to be miserable. I figure as long as I get in at least one 20 miler and a couple of 15-18, I’ll be good. It’s just a matter of making that happen.

Beyond setting my sites on these upcoming races– other than Marshall of course, our house has been consumed with Ironman training. Glenn will be doing Ironman WI on September 9th and he is right smack dab in the hardest part of his training. We didn’t necessarily time this perfectly, having a newborn baby right now, but he signed up before I was pregnant. Although we knew it could be a possibility, we have always known that you can’t assume or just plan that sort of thing, so kept on planning and doing all of our other “life” activities. (hence, why I was signed up for Boston this year, but obviously did not run!)

He is doing great with his training, but I know the lack of sleep (even though I’m the only one who gets up for feedings at night, he is going to bed later and getting up earlier) is having an effect on him. He gets up at 4:30-5:00am most weekdays and either rides or runs, then swims his lunch break and some days runs or rides again when he gets home. On the weekends it’s a good 6-8 hour workout on Saturday and Sunday. So, I know he will be ready for the race and realize that to even complete your first Ironman is a huge accomplishment in itself, but he hasn’t put all of this energy into training just to finish, he wants to race a respectable time. I am trying my best to support his efforts and absolutely can’t wait until race day, but trust me, we are both ready for it to be done and perhaps he can revisit the Ironman again when we don’t have a newborn baby in our house!

And the Marshman is growing, he eats like it’s his job (and I suppose that is his biggest job for now) and comes by it honestly as we all know that his dad eats insane amounts of food. 

He seriously looks so huge to me in this picture below. I keep saying I don’t want him to be so fragile anymore, but I am truly savoring every minute with him at each stage. I’m in love.

Getting big. 8.5 lbs already… up from 6.4 lbs at birth.

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